Tatsuro Horikawa has teamed up with one of the most powerful buyers in the industry – H. Lorenzo in Los Angeles to curate a special shop space in which to showcase a re-working of his stunning A/W 2011-12 Collection Halo.  But rather than this being a simple collaboration that in real terms does not exceed a handful of accessories or a t-shirt or two, this is a localisation of his work for the L.A. market.  On top of that he will be personally curating the shop within a shop with personally constructed hand-wrought bronze sculptures that look like they have sprung from the dark mind of Shinya Tsukamoto.  For now all I can offer you is a sneak-preview of the clothes and sculptures that are going to be part of the project, but it is clear that Tatsuro Horikawa’s elegant cathedral inspired collection has been given a precious metal twist that has served to exaggerate the champagne golds and patinated silvers already present in the work.

So what will Julius’ first American Temporary Autonomous Zone look like?  Well, you are going to have to wait, but knowing Hadar Lorenzo’s appreciation for the progressive in Tokyo I am sure he will give Tatsuro Horikawa the freedom he needs to run free.  For now you can indulge yourself in the preview and I just hope that Horikawa brings in plenty of the L.A. industrial rock scene that inspired him way back with his previous label – Nuke.

Followers of the site should recognise the image model used for the preview from this collection, but as you can see there is a male model as well in the photo-shoot.  It is interesting to see Julius building on the androgyny of the brand that turned up in the most recent S/S collection – EDGE.

And now the best shots I could get of the preview:

This shoulder strap is straight out of EDGE and the gold cummerbund from Halo, I guess it would be best to think of this collection as stop-gap between the two.

And just in case you are as big a fan of Horikawa as I am to want to see a preview of his sculpture for the shop…  It looks to me like a bronze cast of a spine spliced with a girder and coated in gold as far as I can make out…  As a literal love-letter to the genius of Tetsuo it does not get much better:

I hope that this little teaser has got you ready for the big reveal later this year and rest assured I will be as keen to see it as anyone else.

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