Jury Black has really come an awful long way since I last posted about them when they were in their initial infancy as a mail-order only brand.  Since then they have got their criminally cool flagship well and truly established in Shibuya, as well as a neat little niche oddly positioned between the very androgynous, Harajuku punk, UK Glam rock and even smatterings of Shibuya hip-hop.  Odd mix indeed, but it does actually work, whether it is in incorporating a couple of pieces into a more street style orientated wardrobe or as the full-on look.

And full on it most certainly can be.  Styling wise the brand goes with a strong visual flair that clearly compliments the slightly more Host-like end of the Men’s Knuckle / Egg models, but it also equally suits a more rugged style – as evidenced by the guy who runs their official blog.

Continue reading for a good look at this emerging brand, and hopefully like last week’s Alter Venomv article I can banish a couple of pre-conceptions about what you might expect from this kind of brand – enjoy:

Jury Black definitely owes most of its success to the support of a lot of Men’s Knuckle’s finest.  Host king Ryoma was the first to throw his weight behind it and soon ageless Kentarou and poster-boy Ryo had got in on the act.  From there success was pretty much guaranteed amongst the 109-2 crowd, but the brand did not actually end up in 109-2, rather they found a slightly wider audience through an altogether classier shop down the road.  A good call, because there an awful lot of people who would be put off by a brand’s presence in 109-2.

Anyway enough chat, on with the core styling:

And my favorite recent items:

The leather jacket comes in at the 35000 yen mark and the jeans around 15000 yen, so slightly cheaper than you might expect.  Certainly for the level of detail and materials you are not going to get your fashion fix any cheaper.

But all that I have shown you so far is pretty similar, and that is my fault for giving weight to my personal preferences, as you will see the best thing about Jury Black is the variety:

Almost makes me want to break out the eyeshadow (or re-watch gremlins…).

As you can see the look relies heavily on Glam Rock / Punk influences with the studs and metal detailing on every available surface, but on the other hand it is surprisingly progressive.  I think that is the trick with these re-emerging 80’s trends, to balance the studs or huge patterns, with some forward thinking structuralism and sizing.  Certainly Jury Black is not trying to style like Candy on that latter point, but there is enough there in their designs to separate them from the pack.

If you want to know more check out their site or pop along to the Shibuya shop.

Hope you enjoyed this little introduction to this very cool brand, I am always going to throw my support behind anyone who pays their due respects to UK rock, but I am quite clearly biased…


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6 Responses to Jury Black: UK vs Tokyo Rock Style

  1. brad-t says:

    I love their choice in models, but I find their clothes look a bit on the cheap side for the most part …

    The Gremlins shirt is amazing, though.

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Yeah they have definitely managed to swipe the best of the Men’s Knuckle models, and managed to find some middle ground between Knuckle and Spider.

    As for quality, this is marginally cheaper than most 109-2 brands I would say, certainly for the level of detail, so I would say it is price appropriate on quality.

    I am just glad that brands are finding new ways to do “glam” over shiny suited hosts!

  3. brad-t says:

    “A good call, because there an awful lot of people who would be put off by a brand’s presence in 109-2.”

    Can you elaborate on this?

  4. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Well 109-2 Shibuya as a shop has a very specific customer group. Not the brands as such, but the actual building itself. Because of that it does put off a lot of people who for one reason or another don’t really even go in there. Jury Black is only about 200 metres or so away from 109-2 and in a really cool location opposite some far edgier shops like Oval Orange so it has the potential to attract a completely different kind of customer. Needless to say it is close enough to 109-2 and targets that crowd well so it does not miss out on that group either.

    If they only had a 109-2 shop they would be limiting their market considerably, in the same way that Jackrose started with a really cool adult Honten in Harajuku and then a youth targeted shop in 109-2. Basically you need a cool flagship in order to make the brand broad and credible.

  5. Lisa says:

    Oh my. Did I just spot Alice Nine’s guitarist Tora in that fantastic mix of models? (^-^)

    Really interesting brand indeed! I’d heard of them before but never really checked out any of their stuff. Having said that, the jumper with the draped front is mine. Minemineminemine!

  6. Tokyo Telephone says:

    I believe you did!

    Come to think of it their clothes turn up in music mags as much as in fashion ones.

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