The obscenely talented creative force that is Justin Davis has not been resting on his laurels in the run-up to Christmas, but has instead managed to find the time to come up with a completely original capsule collection specifically for the season.  It is mostly a continuation of the collection that I talked about relatively recently here and there is the usual amount of precise enamel work, Cartier quality settings and artistic vision of a man who has spent a good amount of his formative creative years in the company of Andy Warhol.

The early highlight of the collection for me is the psychedelic smooth skull ring above.  It is sure to weather away nicely to reveal a bit of silver once worn for a year or so which can only add to the eerily menacing effect.

Here Justin Davis is returning to one of his earliest motifs of jeweled weaponry, but instead of his twisted machine guns, this time he has delved into bullets.  I am not sure if that cylinder ring is articulated or solid, but either way it is a great bit of workmanship and would make a very cool thumb ring.

This might well have been a better fit for Easter, but at least it is good to see Justin getting back into his animal motifs and you can’t go wrong with a good Jackalope!

But for a bit of classic Justin Davis you can’t go wrong with skulls and crowns which are as always the best example of the precision high-jewelry craft that he brings to silver.

And speaking of jewelry – a nice bit of gold for those who have been very good.

The festive season is obviously one of the busiest single periods for any jewelry designer, but a bit of Justin is always going to be a really popular gift so I would say that even if it is a regularly stocked item you should make sure you get your order in at least 1 month before the big day.

If you want to see this in the flesh then your best bet is to head on into La Foret in Harajuku where they always have the best selection or check the official page here for all the key stockists throughout Japan.

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2 Responses to Justin Davis Jewelry – Christmas 2011 Collection

  1. missy says:

    I want them all ! Bunnies ! I must have the bunnies !

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Missy,

    Don’t let me stop you! But I do believe that they are jackalopes – note the antlers 🙂


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