Few jewelry designers can lay claim to the same level of iconic presence in the Japanese fashion scene as Justin Davis.  It is a brand that has managed to appeal to silver fanatics, fashionistas as well as pretty much any subculture that you care to mention.  It is the rare common link that ties together explicitly diverse fashion tribes from Lolita to Onii-Kei, and Justin Davis will always sit high on a pedestal along with pretty much the only other brand to achieve this kind of status – Vivienne Westwood.

But the remarkable thing about Justin Davis is that even though there are a couple of lynch pin standard items that are always available, he does produce a completely new seasonal collection twice a year, as well as a whole host of limited editions.  In short, I don’t think there is any other silver jewelry designer that runs the brand as a fashion house and thus rejuvenates the brand twice a season.  Well, that may be one reason for his success, the other might just be that his work is as intricate as you could possible ask for and instantly iconic.

The current season is no exception and features a very surprising use of opal (regrettably synthetic, like most of the stones now), enjoy:

Very nice overall, nice mix of gold and stones and mercifully few overlay “bling” pieces.  I thought I would home in on a couple of clear highlights next:

A nice nod back to the very out of vogue heavy opal work that used to be farmed out of Mexico a decade or two ago.  Along with turquoise, this has being making a bit of a resurgence and I am all for it.  Yes it is a bit tacky, but under the ironic umbrella of Justin Davis it just about works (and it is also available with synthetic black opals.)

Nice bit of coral and great level of detail overall – approved.

More enamel work in the vein of the lips ring he did last season – clearly a hit with the ladies of Harajuku.

Love how the two rings fit together through the cracks of the skull to reveal different sizes and shapes of pavee stones underneath.  It is that level of detail that separates Justin Davis from the bling crowd.

And some pieces for his biker / rock orientated fan base.

Nice, chunky and strong without losing any of the detail and…

It closes!  Nice one!

Oh buy wait, there is a little bit more…  Justin Davis has collaborated with Anna again:

Whats in the box?

Bit of a curve ball, but go with it:

Actually pretty damn cool, but might well come in at over 40000 yen for the set…

Anyway, the important thing about Justin Davis as I have alluded to above is that he possesses that rare ability in the world of silver to feel like he is moving forwards with each collection, rather than finding a niche and sticking to it.  It might cost him a bit of credibility with the hardcore silver fans who want something that looks like it was beaten up in a basement, but the fact that the fashion crowd continue to love him season after season is a rare feat indeed.

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4 Responses to Justin Davis Spring Summer Collection 2011 – For Justin

  1. Linda Campbell says:

    Justin your designs are so cool,you should sell them here in america to. there is one gold band i really like,would make a lovely wedding band. i gotta make sure Philip see’s them to. love you bunches. Philip and Linda

  2. brad-t says:

    I love how you posted a picture of two skeletons doing it doggy style and didn’t even mention it.

  3. Samuel says:

    @ brad-t

    Well, the thing is with Justin Davis, that that is the thin end of the wedge… Best to gloss over these things…

  4. […] the season.  It is mostly a continuation of the collection that I talked about relatively recently here and there is the usual amount of precise enamel work, Cartier quality settings and artistic vision […]

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