Synonymous with Visual-kei, Lolita Fashion and most fashion contained within Harajuku’s iconic La Foret shop, indeed, Justin Davis’ flagship is the very first thing you will see when you come in!  Having studied under Andy Warhol, Justin went on to design jewelery with his partner Cheryl Davis under the name of Royal Order in LA.  Justin then went on to start his own brand in Japan in 2001 and you can see a backlog of his collections on his home page.  With a healthy mix of pop-culture references and classic images of luxury his work has drawn comparisons to Vivienne Westwood and it is easy to see how he has captured the imaginations of Tokyo fashionistas.

I am personally a big fan of his work, although I do find certain pieces a bit too delicate and feminine for my tastes.  Still, he should be congratulated as one of the few silver smiths whose jewelery can be described as unisex and given the androgyny of much of his fan base that can surely come as no surprise.  Another rarity in the world of silver is that Justin regularly makes use of precious stones like diamonds and emeralds.  Given the only slight increase in cost over cubic zirconia (especially in the tiny pave stones) this is a very welcome change.


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