With a name like that you really should know what to expect of this brand.  Juvenile Delinquent is a solid mix of OraOra-kei rebel fashion but with a huge amount of style, controversial imagery and the occasional bit of classic zoot suit gangster styling.

First thing that greets you as you hit the Tokyo flagship is the  sense of obscene style that permeates the shop

Definitely worth a visit already right?  Their main specialty is luxury casual wear with strong images of Japan.  Just as in England where certain images that are quintessentially British can be seen as somewhat right-wing the same can be said of Japan, so I would urge a bit of caution before you get involved with these stunning Japanese made denim jeans.

If I were you and in the market for something luxuriously Japanese I would stick to some of their very high quality accesories

Oh yeah, and lest I forget they do actually make custom Japanese made Zoot Suits.  Awesome

I would recommend their clothes with one provision – you might not want to wear these clothes in Japan.  People are almost inevitably going to make an incorrect judgement about your lifestyle (or possibly a correct one…) but as an amazing souvernir that unites old and new Japan it really can’t be beat.

Check out their site and visit them in Tokyo’s Shibuya or Osaka’s Shinsaibashi


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