Honey’s Dead in Harajuku has been a roaring success since it opened a couple of months ago finally allowing people to buy Hiro, Juvenile Hall Rollcall, Balmung, runurunu and Bodysong without having to visit an unmarked apartment building that housed the first Hiro shop.  The last time I was in there a couple of days ago the shelves were literally at 20 percent capacity compared to launch, and it actually being the more expensive items that had gone first.  Speaking to one of the staff about whether they were going to have a sale he answered – they would, but don’t have a lot left to sell.  The strong Harajuku presence has clearly led to improved visibility for these underground brands who used to be resolutely anti-PR, for example Juvenile Hall Rollcall presented his last collection on VHS which meant only a handful of people ever saw it, but it looks like they have finally given in and accepted that people actually want to see their work and we are more than happy to assist in that respect.

We have had a look at Juvenile Hall Rollcall’s A/W 2012-13 collection before in the showroom, but it has taken designer Irie until now to finish his lookbook, so here it is, hot of the press as of yesterday.

The concept remains drug induced visions with the complimentary artwork for the shoot and on the clothes being largely supplied by the ever-talented artist Yoshirotten.

The clothes too embrace the psychedelic vibe in a structural sense, with awkwardly jarring patterns and panels, coats with entire sections as removable panels and optional arms.  It is all designed to let you throw off expectations in a similar way to Undercover’s A/W 2012-13 menswear collection, a comparison that should come easily as that is where the designer of this brand cut his teeth.

There are a nice amount of punk references smattered throughout and it is great to see deconstructed kilts incorporated well, and those shoes produced in collaboration with George Cox just complete the look.

Here you can see how the long shirt is actually long only at the front and looks like a different item from the back.  Trust me, you are going to want to spend some time examining this collection in person if you get the chance.

I can direct you on to his official website here, and rest assured we will have the latest from the brand as it happens here.



Book design : Yoshirotten

Photographer : Tatsuya Yamanaka

Make-Up : Susumu Kayaki

Hair : AOKI

Styling : TEPPEI

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