Perennial favorites Juvenile Hall Rollcall and bodysong have joined forces amidst a digitally corrupted landscape for one of the best explorations of the men’s streetwear side of their respective brands to date.  The ill-informed are always quick to bemoan the lack of innovation in Japanese menswear compared to the so-called glory days of Ura-Harajuku, but in reality they just need to look a little closer to see that you are positively tripping over creatives doing genuinely new things with the streetwear script and in doing so changing the face of the streets of the Tokyo as they go.  For me Honey’s Dead was the Ura-Hara nucleus of this new wave of fashion, primarily led by Hiro and Juvenile Hall Rollcall, but also included frequent collaborations with Balmung, runurunu and bodysong, and there has been a consistant sense that this was an entirely new Tokyo tribe directly inspired by the urban visual language they were raised in and adept at taking their improvisations on those ideas to their logical conclusion.

I should add that one of the key ideas that you might think was external to the Japanese streetwear scene, but is actually very much internal, is that of Tibetian Buddhism – Tai Irie, the designer of Juvenile Hall Rollcall is incredibly well read on the subject and many of his designs make reference to it.  On top of that the Tokyo underground club scene has always had a visual connection with the subject, from the Tokyo trance scene that raised Tatsuro Horikawa of Julius to the graffiti that raised a generation of illustrators, the influence is really palpable.

This corrupted streetwear packed with exploded silhouettes, distorted graphics and riffs on digital abstraction has been transported out of the urban and to a nomadic setting, showing the Juvenile Hall Rollcall and bodysong disciple in a dreamscape that nails the aesthetic perfectly.  I will see you on the other side:

To see a video that accompanies the shoot you can go here where you can bask in every last pixel.  For more on the collections used in this shoot and their showrooms you can go here for bodysong and here for Juvenile Hall Rollcall.

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