Following in the same creative spirit as ACV, KAMO and a couple of other key players in the Harajuku fashion scene are starting to create a really developed DIY fashion aesthetic, completely different from the previous exponents of this fashion like Kitakore in Koenji and Kill Toy and other Candy favorites.  Rather than actually starting with a variety of used items and making them new, KAMO and their ilk distill the essence of this aesthetic and create it new from the ground up which enables them to keep complete control over the overall feel of their clothes.

And that feel is damn difficult to pin down, although their is definitely the handmade feel of Punk in there, there is also cultish symbolism and occult overtones.  Continue reading to see it in all its glory…

Lets kick off with some complete coordinates, mostly taken from their awesome blog.

I think we can all agree that KAMO have definitely taken the re-make aesthetic to a really credible adult place.  But with this brand you really need to see the detail to appreciate just how good it is.  Their Spring Summer collection features, amongst a collaboration with Dickies, a really cool handprinted paisley print – which if you look closely is made up of little ghosts.

Really like the amount of detail in this, especially the triangles and other occult symbols – it just gives it that much needed edge.

KAMO’s other work does not dissapoint either, especially their custom work and collaborations:

Love the triangles in the hem on this one.

Proper urban cult wear!

Nice mix of the punk and occult on this one.

But if you are not all that keen on such a big statement there are the usual range of accessories and t-shirts that are affordable and accesible, but still with that great hand-worked vibe.

Really like the combination of precise and loose stitch-work.

Work with ACV.

I really think the genius of the brand is down to the quality of the illustrations and how fragments of them are used to make the look cohesive.

In isolation you can really appreciate the quality of this.  It actually almost reminds me of Tarzan Kick, but the respective brands do use it very differently.

So there you go, I don’t see how you could not enjoy it.  I was so chuffed when I discovered this brand at roomsLINK last year and I only regret that it has taken me so long to get round to writing about it.

As for further reading there is a homepage with stockists and I really hope to report more on this brand in the future.

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