Kawano in East Shinjuku has been at the heart of Japanese fashion since it was established in 1950 – a truly enviable feat in the ever changing world of Tokyo street style.  Kawano keeps a smattering of high-end western fashion brands but their core stock is domestic and cutting edge.  Their most recent claim to fame is that they will be designing and stocking suits, clothing and accessories worn by characters in the upcoming Playstation 3 title Final Fantasy XIII Versus – so expect to see a slightly different clientèle swamping the store then!  For now they cater towards the Tokyo rich and an awful lot of Hosts wanting to show off their success.

As you can expect while stocking some really nice gear, they do have prices to match….  Indeed their prices can be pretty comical especially if you are not familiar with the Japanese brands.  I mean, you expect to see a D&G t-shirt at a premium price, but a brand you might not have heard of at the same price can be somewhat bewildering.  I mainly use Kawano as a bit of a barometer to check what is in style and coming soon as well as for some stand out pieces when I am feeling a bit flush!  I have left the prices on the pictures below so you can see what you are getting yourself into!

Of slightly better value for money is their host suits on the second floor

Only a slight mark-up on the price a very similar ensemble would cost you from 109-2 and a solid increase in quality to boot.

But for the real reason you are heading to the Kawano building is the Magic Cinq in the basement, but for that you are going to have to wait till next time….


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  1. […] The two rings (as you might already know) are from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children and Final Fantasy X, the really great thing as a fan are they are the rings ACTUALLY worn by the characters.  So you are not just wearing a motif from the game on a t-shirt etc, but the very same item from the game.  Square Enix have clearly realised that that is something that fans want because most of their new silver items are directly from the game in question.  And we can definitely look forward to the suits from FFXIII Versus cropping up in Kawano soon. […]

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