Kazushihara recently presented his latest collection as part of the Bunka Fashion Graduate University Show 2011 and having built on his established theme of safety pins has really come into his own as a designer.  Now his safety pin designs carry a message in their stunning structuralism, creating a contrast between their avant garde beauty and the primitive nature of their purpose.  Needless to say the inherent punk overtones are not lost either, and that is downplayed in the latest creations, although never truly escaped.

While the idea of chain mail is not all that new (and our favorite Christian Dada does a damn good line in it), Kazushihara’s is all the more defined than draped linked metal tends to be.  And as a jewelry nerd (which I am) I would say that his use of metal structures on top of feminine ensembles is closer to Mien or Yao Tribe metal Wedding Capes.

Continue reading for the rest of his collection, stockists and commentary, prepare to be impressed.

“Performance” by Kazushi Hara

I think we can all agree that that was pretty stunning by anyones standards, only pity is that you almost don’t notice the clothes under the metal – oh well, I think that is pretty much to be expected – like studs on a leather jacket you can be forgiven for being distracted like some kind of fashion magpie.

For those who don’t know Bunka Fashion Graduate University is the university of the Bunka Fashion College which is responsible for bringing Yohji Yamamoto, Kenzo Takada,Undercover and Junya Watanabe amongst others to a very grateful world.  The Japanese St.Martins College if you will and it is clear from this years graduate crop that many more as well as Kazushihara are destined for greatness – check them all out here.  It is only a shame that both inside Japan and out this school does not quite get the recognition and coverage it deserves, a shame that is broadly representative of the overall attitude to homegrown talent in Japan in general.  Nether the less, talent will shine through regardless of column inches in glossy magazines and things look like they are going the right way for Kazushihara right now.

Currently stocked in Shibuya’s Candy in the form of accessories and shoes for the moment, but I personally can’t wait for the bigger items to come in later this year.  Very much one to watch.

Catwalk shots courtesy of the wonderful people at Change Fashion.


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6 Responses to KAZUSHIHARA

  1. trashtastika says:

    I always like to visit the college when I go, to see any displays they might have…although the costume museum there is never open when I’m around!

  2. GORGEOUS! Wow, those are some amazing pieces. Some make me a little uncomfortable, but for the most part I am just sitting here thinking ‘safety pins? those are safety pins?????’

  3. Tokyo Telephone says:

    @ Leanne – that is just like me and Shinjuku Park – I have never managed to catch it open in about 5 years!

    @ Caroline, I know amazing right! No matter how beautiful the construction you are always acutely aware of what it is actually made of – I think that is the genius of using something so recognizable and fundamental as safety pins.


  4. Sarah says:

    Oh, my friend goes to that college!! She’s studying Fashion Marketing, iirc.

    These are such awesome designs, too!!

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