It has been a while since we have had KiryuyriK on this site, which is a crying shame because since I last wrote about them their presence internationally has greatly improved to the point where you can buy a decent amount online, and needless to say, they have been pushing out fantastically crisp streetwear all the while.  So why the surge in popularity?  Well in the context of Japan KiryuyriK offers perfectionist menswear for men who are frustrated with either the lack of quality or lack of class in the middle end of flamboyant street fashion (if you were desperate for a label you might try – Adult Onii-kei) that ranges from Buffalo Bobs to Tornado Mart and right up to brands like Roen, Roar and so on.  Like Galaabend and Ato who are probably the only other brands to occupy the high-fashion orientated niche of this market, KiryuyriK take out most of the glitz, unnecessary prints and text, and I think that in stripping the quintessentially Japanese dandyish look to its core components, make it really accesible for those coming at it from abroad.

Talking of which, you would be hard pushed to find an international fan of the brand as knowledgable as Brad over on Harajuju (link here), and if you want to see how he interprets the look as well as discussion of individual items I very much recommend you check out his forum.

So, with Kiryuyrik’s popularity on the rise abroad, what are they planning for the S/S 2013 season?  Well actually more of the same, but you can’t help but notice that there is a little more glamour this time round.  Maybe their exhibitions in Paris have netted them some Italian or Russian stockists, but they seem to be playing up to a slightly more flamboyant image.  At least they have the decency to do it well, with texture to their shiny coatings and a degree of restraint in their patterns and animal prints (we have not stumbled into DressCamp territory).

The silhouette remains largely the same as ever, although the model is making the fit look slightly tighter than intended.  The great skirt wraps are intact and offer a much needed chance to subvert the norm.

The fabrics are looking a little on the luxe side this season, with the print on the right possibly being a step too far for some, but the beautiful patch-work on the left looking absolutely gorgeous.

The street level tailoring is as strong as ever with the biker belt on the tailored jacket as perfect example of KiryuyriK’s signature aesthetic.

For more you can visit their homepage here or find them on Facebook, and if you are quick LUISAVIAROMA have some great items on sale right now.

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2 Responses to Kiryuyrik S/S 2013 Collection

  1. brad-t says:

    Wow, thank you for the shout-out 🙂

    I have to confess I feel really disappointed by this season. Perhaps you’d read the discussion over on Harajuju already, but while this is more of the same, the new steps that Takayanagi has taken don’t feel genuine but rather forced. I actually think the leopard print is not bad on its own, but the tiling is just bad. In addition, I feel most of the re-interpretations are not as strong this season as usual — though it’s hard to compete with Kiryuyrik’s generally stellar SS collections.

    Overall, I’m happy if Takayanagi is achieving a higher level of success internationally, and I thank you for providing a serious dose of context to things — but as a customer I can’t help but feel disappointed. That said, there’s still SS Volume 2 to come!

  2. Samuel says:

    @ brad-t

    No problem, you are the international expert on this brand as far as I am concerned!

    I think the re-interpretations with the lighter and younger fabrics are probably the cause for friction, but I am guessing you are like me with some of my favorite brands like Share Spirit that rarely change the look too much each season, and are willing to give them a season or two before you move on.

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