Kitakore Building in Koenji is currently holding a massive bazaar sale “Bubble” in the Garter gallery space – if you are in the city you have until the 2nd of September to snap up some great bargains from the likes of ilil, Garter, Hayatochiri, Nude N Rude, Giza, Plumb and Ambush, if you aren’t then I am afraid you are going to have to make do with this report and enjoy from afar.  Aside from the aforementioned brands it is also interesting to note that there are also items from street style icons and fashionistas thrown into the mix, a phenomenon I have seen occurring more and more across the city at pop-up shops at clubs and markets dotted across buildings all over Harajuku.  It strikes me that Tokyo’s obsession with taking its trends from the street has escalated yet further to the point where people actually want to buy the very clothes of their street style inspirations, and given the crowds I saw when a Nadia shop staffer held a sale in Harajuku earlier this year, there is definitely an appetite for it.

But I digress, in this case you have a rare opportunity to snap up very experimental fashion at a good 80 percent off in many cases, making this the perfect excuse to treat yourself to something truly of the Kitakore spirit.

Join us for a look around the bazaar and we will pick out our favorite items as we go:

On arrival we saw people leaving with 8 or so bags of clothes each – people were buying in serious bulk!

Straight into Hayatochiri’s remade items, massive jewelry and a new KTZ backback going very cheap.

Love these Dog Harajuku decorated boots, definitely a bit hard to wear, but at this price they are much easier to justify.

A very tempting studded leather bag with authentic Vietnam patch.

Up the stairs and into Garter where there was loads of great stuff from Tokyo Fashion Week designers like Nozomi Ishihuro as well as Garter’s own items all at 50 percent off.

Misha Janette’s wig brand Plumb was having a pop-up shop and selling some custom one-off designs as well.

I can always be tempted by some enormous jewelry, and there were also some excellent pieces from Mademoiselle Yulia’s brand Giza to enjoy.

Head upstairs to the gallery space,

and things get very hectic fast!  There were literally piles of clothes here – from 80s painted and studded leather jackets to modern work by Hisui.

This custom jacket got my seal of approval.

So there you have it, definitely worth a visit if you are in Tokyo, but do hurry as things are going very fast…

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