Bloody Mary’s gorgeously gothic vision is for the most part a relatively unisex one, but I don’t think you could ever call it  particularly feminine.  Mercifully for silver loving ladies, the delicacy of detail and natural themes of Bloody Mary that are a perfect match for women’s jewelry have been isolated and emphasised in Konron – Bloody Mary’s second line.  Thematically the nature in question is more of the cute butterflies than Bloody Mary’s stags and snakes and yes, there are nice pink stones.  Thanks to the inherent strength of the medium of silver, this never feels too girly in its own right and could be worn (and is worn) by admirers of Liz Lisa and Lolita fashion, but equally it would not look out of place in a gothic outfit or indeed with a suit.

In fact I (as a man) do regularly wear the ring in the top right, even if I lost the pearl in a clumsy incident on the Shinkansen…  The workmanship on these is amazing and I have to point out that the butterfly on the ring in the bottom left are hinged to flutter uncannily like the real articles.

The earrings  are a perfect example of the more delicate Konron aesthetic, it is distinctly Eastern with oriental flowers and motifs even if a couple of skulls have slipped in as well.

Whereas Bloody Mary’s Ginza line of gold jewelry was in real 18k with a price tag to match, Konron gracefully settles for the next best thing and plates their 925 silver.  Now, obviously this is a compromise, but on the other hand you are still getting a thing of absolute quality that will match a gold focused wardrobe.  It will probably lose the plating over the course of a year or two where it rubs, but I am well aware that the real thing is well out of many people’s leagues right now.

I thoroughly approve of these cute little bracelets, they are more delicate than the usual fare Bloody Mary puts out, but still keep as much detail as they possibly can.

Some of the chunkier designs.

And some truly beautiful ones to finish on.

Personally I think Konron walks the line between girly and credible that most obviously feminine jewelry designers fall foul of.  The designs could be said to be cute, but they are also strong and can be taken seriously by silver fans.  I am just glad there is an alternative to the disposable fashion jewelry that dominates most of women’s fashion in Japan, this will last and because the designs are classic and neutral you will hopefully want to wear them even as the tides of fashion change.

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