The last time I posted about a Kiyoharu project it was in the form of his very cool clothing brand Moonage Devilment, but now comes word that the recently reformed Kiyoharu band Kuroyume will be supported by none other than Shibuya men’s favorite Vanquish.  This means collaborative items aplenty (decent gig t-shirts?) and that Kuroyume will be strutting their stuff clad in Vanquish from now on.

This was all announced at a “Guerilla Live” which basically means that the location was only announced hours before it kicked off (and it did kick off) but the buzz on Twitter was strong enough to ensure that everyone who wanted to know about it – did.

On top of that they held it on Saturday Night in front of Alta in Shinjuku (one of our favorite places to people-watch) which second only to Hachiko exit in Shibuya has to be the busiest place in all of Tokyo!  Continue reading for a wealth of pictures and the carnage that meant they had to abandon the stage after only one song…

If you have ever been to this area that functions as a gateway to Kabuki-cho you know that even on a normal Saturday night it is pretty packed, so imagine it also crammed with a metric ton of Kuroyume / Kiyoharu fans.  Actually you don’t have to – follow this link – all one minute of performance they managed to get through.

Anyway, here are some good pictures that show off their Vanquish wardrobe – particularly on Kiyoharu.

Very cool all round and I particularly like that shade of sky-blue with black.  Also, as a general fan of studs I am very much in the mood to approve of that great leather jacket, very nice indeed.

On the subject of Vanquish it seems that they are clearly set on collaborations as a means of promoting their brand, which thus far seems to be working.  They have gone from niche 109-2 brand to (edgy) mainstream in the blink of an eye, add to that an iPhone app (worth a download), The Green Hornet collaboration items, the Sega game (also called Vanquish) and their continued work with Sony and Adidas and they seem to be more collaboration than brand at the moment.  Although I have to say that their one with Tenga (yes, that Tenga) might be a step too far, that is if it were not for such a great cause.

It is a campaign to promote AIDS awareness and other favorite brands of mine like Roen and Roar have also put their name to this great cause.  Do support them if you are so inclined.

Any bets on what Vanquish will put their name to next?  Either way they are gaining quite a bit of exposure with their S/S 2011 collection so they might well be the brand to watch this year.


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