Any trip to Harajuku is incomplete without a trip to La Foret!

Arguably the best collection of Japanese street fashion brands under one roof, La Foret is a must-see for anyone interested in fashion pop culture. I’d suggest taking a walk down Takeshita Doori, making a right at bottom and heading to La Foret; this way you get a chance to see the fashion trends and derivative/much faked styles, then check out the real quality items.

I’d allow a solid afternoon for a leisurely browse, as La Foret houses an incredible number of shops. I’ve picked out two for this post (and for the follow-up), but take a look at the brand list for a complete guide.

Alice & the Pirates – an off-shoot of Baby the Stars Shine Bright, this sub-brand has capitalised on lolita fashion‘s mish-mash of influences; in this case Alice in Wonderland and pirates. I love their bias-cut skirts and unique prints… yo ho me hearties, raise the jolly roger and through the looking glass we go!

Emily Temple Cute – One of my very favourite brands, Emikyuu clothes and accessories tread a fine line between lolita and mainstream fashion; individual pieces can be coordinated in a variety of ways. Look out for their prints – jam, snowmen and even eggs have had starring roles in the past! Kudos if you can come up with an outfit with a fried breakfast theme.


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3 Responses to La Foret; part one

  1. trashtastika says:

    I prefer Marui One in Shinjuku for the sheer number of floors of Gothic, Lolita and Punk gear, but La Foret’s 2 basement floors are good too.

  2. […] part two of my post about La Foret in Harajuku (part one is here), I’d like to talk a little bit about a major lolita fashion brand and some kawaii […]

  3. […] As you see, a few of 109′s shoe shops have put out tan sheepskin boots – personally, I’d be going for Flag J’s take on the trend. There’s a couple of pairs of pretty nice tall boots too; Esperanza’s black knee-highs have a great shape, and I really like their almost Victorian-looking boots at the top – just imagine them with a classic outfit from Alice & the Pirates! […]

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