Like a tiny cream puff of insanely kawaii hime-gal,  La Parfait is all about roses, pearls, lace and pink things. End of story.

Okay, maybe not entirely the end of the whole La Parfait story, but you get the idea. Another cute brand with an incredibly focused look, La Parfait takes it’s cues from everyone’s favourite hime-gyaru Jesus Diamante. However, with the utter fabulousness that is Jesus Diamante being out of many people’s price range (royalty or not), La Parfait is on the affordable end of the princess scale – you wont need a new mortgage to build your wardrobe here. If I was a slightly crueler person, I might make a comparison between lolita brands and Bodyline, and Jesus Diamante and La Parfait. Yes, the overall quality is not the same as JD, but you’re paying a fraction of the price, and for a lot of people that’s enough.

Taking into account the issues of quality of lace and materials, design and structure, I have to say that what La Parfait do well is make this kind of extravagant fashion accessible to a wide audience. For a huge number of fashion fans, it’s all about the look and nothing more. La Parfait fill the gap, and fill it with such crazy cuteness it’s all I can do not to collapse into a tiny puddle anytime I pass by in Marui – there’s only so much kawaii this girl can take without resorting to insulin.

Okay, I really like the bow/pearl hand chain thing. Really like it. Really. Also, the hair on the right. The hair.

Ye-haw! Well, this is kind of amazing. Perhaps not something I’d wear to ride a horse though.

Tiny shoes! With roses on! I’m quite tempted to make a dash to Tokyu Hands and grab my glue gun…

Not gonna lie: I love the hair, I love the nails and I love the shoes. I feel slightly dirty for admitting it though. Oh dear. I’m in minus goth points now.

I think it was the tiny teddybears that I saw first from La Parfait; they pop up in the oddest of places.

Yes, yes I do want a huge bow necklace with roses and lace and jewels and – oh, I think my heart just exploded.

Everything about La Parfait is tiny and cute. Even the hats. Especially the hats.

I think I have to DIY my own version of the shoes – gothic deco wedges, anyone?

Winter is no excuse for not looking cute. So there.

Take a look at La Parfait’s homepage for more tiny cute pink things. I’ll just have a quick lie-down to recover…

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