Earlier this month we popped along to friend of the site Lactose Intoler-Art’s amazing sticker exhibition at Dorothy Vacance, and what an adventure it was! I’ve long been hearing the Dorothy name as one of the best places in Tokyo to find charming handmade items, and we certainly weren’t disappointed…

(A brief word of warning: the Dorothy Vacance store/workshop is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, so please bear this in mind if you decide to go – budget at least half an hour from Shinjuku… Having said that, it is utterly charming!)

We were greeted by the shop’s darling designer Gon, and a whole host of rescued Furbies too. I never had a Furby as a child (I think I was a bit too old when the fad was in full swing), but I can see when they’ve become such an iconic image of the 90s – fashionistas in their own right with fluffy hair and pastel colours. Gon was the perfect host, and happily answered our questions and showed off the best bits of what Dorothy Vacance has to offer. I’d say it’s pretty much worth the trip just for such a lovely conversation!

Lactose Intoler-Art‘s unique style and colour palette fitting right in – pizza headdress? Count me in!

Fishing lures as glittery earrings

Everywhere you look, there’s something exciting to discover

Motivation to improve my own cross stitch skills! (My latest hobby…)

Dorothy Vacance does sell original clothing and re-make items, but what I think makes it a truly special shop is the mix of lifestyle items as well as the fashion – it’s about creating a wholly beautiful aesthetic not only for what you wear, but what you surround yourself with too. Flowers, fabrics, fun with crafts and of course plenty of stickers – it’s a perfect representation of Tokyo.

I’m more than a little bit in love with this workshop area, and I really like the idea of using colourful masking tape and dried flowers to decorate a wall.

Dorothy Vacance’s shop blog is here, and Gon’s blog is here – chock full of super cute photos. I can’t wait to visit again!

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