Yuichi Kuroda’s street fashion brand Lad Musician just typifies the perfection at the heart of Japanese fashion.  It may not stop you in your tracks at 20 paces like anything stocked in Candy, but it is that credible, subtle, wearable genius that ensures that the overall level of fashion in Tokyo, or Japan for that matter is higher than anywhere else in the world.  It is brands like this that disseminate into the mainstream, hone silhouettes and create streets full of perfectly dressed men that justify the few eccentrics who hoover up the attention.

Having said all that, there is something very progressive about the latest collection from Lad Musician, even though it does not have the stand-out features like the vampirism of last AW 2010-11 or their incredibly popular skull and roses patterned suits of the current season, it does have sharp shoulders that leads to a genuinely fresh silhouette.  Elsewhere this is a honed, concise collection that feels like it has been put through a minimalist filter somewhere along the line.

The shoot took place quite simply “on” the street and very rainy streets at that:  this is real Tokyo and real men’s fashion.

A very polished collection indeed, and I love how honest and fresh the look-book was.  It fits how their clientele look to an absolute T and is also the actual environment that these clothes will be enjoyed in later this year.

Personally, I always enjoy a little more “rock” than “minimalism”, but even I can admire how succinct and credible these clothes are.  Hopefully we will see some slightly gothic touches from Lad Musician one day soon, but then again that might just be me as monumental fan of their last A/W collection (but that was mostly all in the styling).

I think it is appropriate that our 500th post (yes you read that correctly) here at Tokyo Telephone is one that sums up the core genius of Japanese Fashion, even if it is a shade more mainstream than either of us would dress.  You just have to admire the credibility of collections like this that allows pretty much anyone access to fashion – and we all know where that slippery slope eventually leads…

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