Eee, vintage. Eee, Tokyo. Eee, shopping. What’s not to love? Whenever we’re in Koenji (which is as often as possible), along with the Kita Kore building we always have to take the chance to pop in to Spank! and Ticket to Darling – alas, Ticket to Darling is closing tomorrow (!!!), but rest assured that Tavuchi and her lovely staff will continue to make Spank! one of Koenji’s best and most colourful must-see vintage shops, along with the other remaining stores. Three cheers!

I thought I’d take this chance to post some photos I took yonks ago in Ticket to Darling, ’cause if you haven’t had the opportunity to see it yet you’ve really missed out and hey – it’s absolutely fabulous! We’re talking giant Easter bunnies, cute kid’s toys, rainbow chandeliers and more pastel t-shirts than you can shake quite a large stick at. Fairy-kei and 80’s pop influenced fashions always strike quite a chord with me in the summer – there’s just something about nice weather that makes me want to don fairy wings and tiny fluffy sherbet-coloured skirts and run around outside. Actually, this just reminded me that my school friends and I really did used to do that! I believe we also wore stripy tights and carried wooden spoons too. What I can say? We were 13 and way cool. Ahem.

Anyway, enough of my personal fashion history; make with the photos already!

Click through for more pandas and pastels…

I am secretly very proud of this shot. (taken with the ol’ point & shoot, and flipped on the computer obviously).

Yes, this was around Easter. How could you tell?!

I love how the unicorn is slightly grumpy.

I love the ceiling! Really want to do this in every room at Telephone Towers, haha. Maybe a night sky?

Tiny cute things!

The changing room. I don’t trust that blue bear with the tutu: I don’t think he’d keep his eyes closed. Just sayin’.

And that was Ticket to Darling. I’m sure all our readers join both of us here at Tokyo Telephone in wishing Tavuchi every continuing success – long live Spank!

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2 Responses to Last Ticket to Koenji’s Ticket to Darling

  1. micro says:

    Oh, wow! I actually visited here when I was in Tokyo. c: I’m not personally a wearer of fairy kei, but this store was absolutely darling. Sorry to see it go. ):

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Hi micro, thanks for getting touch!

    Fear not, Spank! is still there, and Tavuchi tells me that she has a new project coming very soon. How exciting! 🙂


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