Samuel and I have been on a David Bowie kick recently, and the title of this post is of course a homage to the great man himself. What better way to get in the Bowie mood than something out of this world… let’s take a trip to MA*RS!

MA*RS has a really iconic style that is instantly recognisable. Featuring black and pink coordinates with a healthy dose of white and gold, their clothing really stands out! There’s something really complete about an outfit from MA*RS – that’s the sense I get from Japanese fashion in general actually, the whole coordinate will be well thought-out with great attention to detail.

I adore MA*RS’ use of very few simple colours, and their amazing finishing touches: look out for jewels, bows and gold buttons. There’s a timeless aspect to MA*RS too; as they rarely follow trends 100%, an items from a previous season won’t look out of place against something from this or next year. From their current collection, I’m really taken with their sheer black jumpers and amazing suit jackets. I know what I’m picking up next time I’m in 109!

I sometimes think I over-use the l-word, but dammit! I do love MA*RS’ prints:

Find MA*RS:

MA*RS webshop

109, Shibuya, Tokyo

Lumine Est, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Hep Five, Umeda, Osaka

OPA, Shinsaibashi, Osaka


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2 Responses to Life on MA*RS

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