Maybe it is the post Tokyo Fashion Week comedown, or maybe the fact that it is finally warming up here in Tokyo, but my attention has been all on the latest Japanese street style for the last couple of days.  It is one of the rare moments when I really get into graphics and prints, because this is also one of the few times when they are not obscured by a winter outer.  To that end I ended up looking into a couple of streetwear brands for this Spring / Summer and ended up tripping over the current collection by Lima Marcelo (more on that later), but first I thought we would take a look at his less relevant, but no less cool, incoming A/W.

The man himself is a Japanese Brazilian currently located all the way up in Sendai where he is at the core of a number of art, fashion and music projects which have recently caught my eye and given me a good excuse to go up and check out the fashion scene when we get the chance.  His style pretty much nails the urban gothic style that seems to be invading the majority of underground street style right now.  The mix of occult and religious imagery, geometric and ubiquitous iconic takes on branding may not be all that new, but when you do it better than anyone else, that doesn’t really matter.

Beyond the graphics there are actually some great items in the A/W that I am assured is the direction the designer wants to push in.  We all know that most underground designers tend to start with commercial printed pieces, and only start to fill in the rest of the picture when the rest of the collection takes shape, so I am just glad I found this guy when I did.

Anyway, enjoy the lookbook packed with hand-printing, studs and spikes, and a nice dropped silhouette befitting any urban witch.

Undeniably cool stuff, and as promised, here is the current collection that initially caught my eye:

If you want to see more from this guy then check his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.  A Tokyo stockist is only a matter of time as far as I am concerned, and word is that he might well have been picked up by one of Harajuku’s finest lately.  Till then you can find him in Garden all the way up in Sendai, a place which I am going to have to make the effort to visit later this year.

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2 Responses to Lima Marcelo AW 2012-13 Darkness

  1. Miruku says:

    Ooooh you should DEFINITELY come to Sendai! You won’t regret it! There are so many little boutiques I’m sure you both will fall in love with….

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Miruku

    Sounds good. We are planning a little holiday at the moment as it happens, and we could easily squeeze in a little visit… Talking to the designer of the brand above, he assures me that Sendai has a unique fashion feel that we should experience.


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