I should probably preface this post with a disclaimer stating that I really like Limi Feu and if you’re looking for full-blown unbiased fashion critic run-down, this is the wrong place… but hey, if I can’t write something nice about a designer I love on my own website then I might as well throw in the towel right now. That’s the great thing about running Tokyo Telephone with Samuel: we get to share things we’re interested in with other people, and hopefully you’ll become interested too.

Right, so: Limi Feu! I have more than a little style crush on Ms Yamamoto, and I’m pretty sure that my collection of Limi Feu white shirts will be forming the backbone of my Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo wardrobe (I’ve let the cat out of the bag already! But I’m just so excited…), so rather unsurprisingly I’m a huge dribbling fan of her latest collection. I have to say that I’d be quite happy to wear everything I’ve highlighted from this show right off the hanger – I wouldn’t change it, and that’s pretty rare for me! There’s a healthy helping of black, black and more black, contrasting wonderfully with white shirts and a small palette of jewel colours. There was a nod to volume in many of garments, with wide cuts and over-sized outers set off by cinched in waists and ankles, and a couple of corset-like structures too. Limi Feu for me is always about the contrast: black and white, shaped and shapeless, masculinity and femininity.

I always feel like a bit of a schmuck mentioning Yohji Yamamoto when I’m talking about Yamamoto the younger, but sometimes these comparisons are unavoidable. However, what I will say is that I respect Limi for acknowledging Yohji’s influence: she could have run off and designed pink frilly dresses, but instead she’s designing what she loves – and I love it too.

Samuel pointed out that I kind-of-but-not-really resemble the model on the left – I think it’s the hair. Either way, I wish it was me wearing that outfit!

Really adore these giant trousers on the right – amazing.

The dress on the right was actually the finale to the catwalk – I think it’s a great example of Limi Feu’s accessible brand of high fashion.

A tiny touch of military green – stunning against black panels.

Please note both the lovely oversized coats and older female model on the left – three cheers for Limi Feu! As with Yohji Yamamoto, it’s a sign of truly great design when both younger and older models look just as stunning in your clothing. I’m fast approaching the end of my 20s, and I’m while not really that worried about getting older while being involved in the fashion world, it’s still comforting to see that being post-25 doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world when it comes to being stylish.

I think this collection more than confirmed me as a fan of Limi Feu  – how about you?

(Photos courtesy Monica Feudi)

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2 Responses to Limi Feu – A/W 2012 Collection at Paris Fashion Week

  1. brad-t says:

    Not sure if you noticed, but the opening model is lolita/Tumblr superstar Chokelate.

    Good show.

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Brad – Just had to google who that was, hahaha! Thanks for the info 🙂

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