LittleBig is a new brand designed by Mawatari Keita who is also a buyer over at Cannabis in Harajuku.  It is hard to think of a job that better qualifies a man to be completely and utterly in touch with the ebb and tides of the streets of Tokyo, so it is no surprise that he has completely nailed the mood of the moment.  And what is that mood?  Japanese 80s New Wave style, yes, it has been slowly creeping back in street snaps in vintage form for quite some time, but LittleBig is the first to rework it for these modern times and make it feel like a proper revival.

The specific inspiration for this first full collection is the character of Duckie from the 1986 film “Pretty in Pink” and there are a satisfying amount of loafers, slacks, braces and over-sized tailoring to satisfy most fashion connoisseurs of the era.  However, the sharp colours and slightly lower silhouette mark this out as a modern collection that couldn’t be easily achieved with a trawl through Tokyo vintage shops.  Other modern touches come courtesy of the design team over at Anoraks / Yoshirotten / drwng who are responsible for the graphic prints on the t-shirts inspired by films from the 1980s.

It is also one of the best lookbooks I have seen in quite some time, perfectly capturing how those sharp shapes and colours spring out against the backdrop of the city.

It is one of my sorest fashion regrets that I wasn’t around for the 80s fashion scene, but then again with brands like this giving us only the greatest hits from the era, I won’t have to wade through the all the dross that has been forgotten by fashion history.

Now this is a look that I can’t wait to see turn up on the streets more and I am for the resurgence of the bolo tie (something so cool should not be limited to Japanese men over 80).

Love those echoed stripes on the socks and borders of the jacket, it just ties the outfit together perfectly.

Exciting stuff all round and I hope you are as excited as I am that this is a direction that menswear seems to be pushing in on a street level.  If you want to see more then he has a great Tumblr you should follow (and follow ours while you are at it) that has loads of the artwork for the collection.

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