Seeing as I am on a real Silver Bullet kick at the moment I thought I would post something that greatly amused me when it arrived in my inbox. That is that not content with a fashion empire and cosmetic line, the good fellows over at Silver Bullet have got involved with an interior line:

At this point the range is a fairly basic mix of animal print rugs and other host-tastic patterned throws. However word is that they will eventually go on to produce curtains and duvets etc. Not that interesting in itself, but it did get me thinking as to how far ones public style enters into their private space?

We are all very familiar with slightly overpriced “room-wear” to slouch around the house in, which I actually quite like – especially of the blinged-out never-to-be-worn-outside tracksuit variety. I think we have all probably found some way to represent our public fashion, in a way that you could quite happily cook or clean in, to be worn when we are not going out – but has your fashion extended into your very environment?

This is a trend long established with Hime and Lolita styles, as quite frankly these tend to be fashion decisions that outside of central Tokyo are not going to be able to be worn every day. Thus you see people creating a Hime space, frills’n’all to slouch around in and represent ones taste in an accessible way. Host magazines too have poured intrusively into people’s apartments and established an expected interior design aesthetic that echoes the fashion.

Here at Tokyo Telephone Towers we most certainly take the opportunity to display our tastes, reminiscent of the way that the otaku displays their personal tastes. Some of our favorite items of clothes are not hidden in wardrobes but hanging on show next to pictures, our jewelry is mounted for display and our boots lined up to admire. I think a strong interest in fashion generally leads to an inevitable desire to display that aesthetic in as many places as possible, even if it is only for your own pleasure. Maybe it is some-what extreme to make the clothes or jewelery the feature in itself rather than the aesthetic, but as I hope you can tell, we love what we do!

So let me know, do you echo your fashion in your surroundings?


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  1. brad-t says:

    All that stuff looks pretty cheap, sadly. ๐Ÿ™

    I’m currently working on decorating my apartment to feel more in line with my aesthetic tastes. In particular, I’m converting my second bedroom to a walk-in closet. Should be really cool, I’ll post pics when it’s done.

  2. tokyotelephone says:

    Indeed, you would be better off going to Don Quixote – and that is saying something!

    Good luck on the walk-in wardrobe, that is really living the dream! Although I am proud of my art-deco cocktail cabinet that I have converted into my jewelry trove ๐Ÿ˜€

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