We’re always banging on about how amazingly diverse Japanese fashion is, so it seems quite fitting that after three days coverage of avant-garde young designers that I take a side-step and feature some more mainstream girly fashion for a change. I’ve already featured Liz Lisa’s charming spring summer 2012 collection, so now here’s a look at two Liz Lisa sub-brands: Tra La La and Liz Lisa Doll.

With the debut of Liz Lisa’s Juge Etta line aimed at an older and more mature gyaru audience, it seems they’ve finally got the womenswear market well and truly covered. Liz Lisa has a huge appeal and legion of devoted floral-wearing fans, and this includes the younger end of the fashion consumer base too. Let’s never forget our own first forays into the world of Proper Fashion and how grown-up you felt buying things from shops that were frequented by 20-somethings. I think both the younger Liz Lisa lines are a great way to get young girls involved in having fun with fashion… and of course building that brand loyalty that’s so crucial in Japan.

What can we expect from Tra La La this season? Well, it’s unashamedly cute – just as you’d guess from anything connected to Liz Lisa. Plenty of pastels, lace and even a couple of marine-theme touches too. My highlights are the scalloped shorts, Tra La La earrings and polka dot dress:

No for something a little different: I really like Liz Lisa Doll’s rock edge – I think it’s fantastic that this uber-brand has all it’s bases covered! Now there’s knowing your demographic, ha. Striped shirts, trilby hats and pink tartan – this is Liz Lisa’s bad girl sister.

I think it’s easy to brush off this kind of fashion as not being important or edgy enough, but it’s incredibly relevant in the fashion landscape of Japan. Particularly when it comes to Liz Lisa, I can think of no other brands that capture to exactly what the majority of stylish young girls are wearing (and want to wear), and also setting the main trends too. To ignore Liz Lisa is to disregard a huge swathe of contemporary Japanese fashion – it might not be the avant-garde ideal, but it’s worth taking the time to look at, and it puts international fast fashion in the shade.

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One Response to Liz Lisa Doll and Tra La La – Summer 2012

  1. Kat says:

    I’m in love with the last Collection, Liz Lisa Doll. You are completely true in saying that it leaves international fast fashion in the shade! I was only saying this to a friend yesterday, that it seems that Japanese art/design has a really all or nothing attitude where as here in the UK, it’s kind of ‘shove that there, it’ll do’. Even though Liz Lisa isn’t really my style, I can see myself wearing pieces and mixing it into my daily wardrobe. The quality is on another level to most ‘high street’ brands in the UK.

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