Yes, it’s a ‘neo retro British’ winter at Liz Lisa! Grab your corgis and let’s go!

Oh, you’re still here? Was it the corgi dogs that put you off? Sorry about that. As a person of British nationality, I’m always greatly amused to see how other countries view my island home, and according to Liz Lisa, we should all be prancing around in tartan dresses and cute shoes. Awesome. Despite the reality being significantly less fabulous than the images presented by Liz Lisa in this autumn winter catalogue, I’m happy to think of others imagining the UK to be like this! At the moment as Brits we’re kind of caught in a conundrum: the traditional view of the English gent with his monocle and moustache has lately been superseded by hoodie-wearing rioters. Maybe I can retreat into a fancy faux-British world in Japan instead? Sounds nice…

Anyway, I’m not sure how her Maj the Queen would feel about this collection, as she’s very partial to a twinset & pearls! Enough of my gentle ribbing of Liz Lisa over the ‘Royal Lady Neo Reto British’ title! A slight take on this summer’s royal wedding fever, perhaps? This is another lovely seasonal offering from Liz Lisa – there’s flowers, there’s tartan, there’s cute accessories and this year there’s a charming cherry red shade that has been added to the usual colour palette of brown, cream and pink. Carrying over from summer is this year’s ultimate head accessory, the floppy hat. Oh, and of course the whole ‘neo retro’ boom that’s the been the overriding aesthetic of this year, influenced by the colossal rise of that strange beast, the Fashion Blogger. (Some self-referential sarcasm there, I think!)

Off-the-shoulder knit, best for early autumn rather than late.

Love those red wedges!

Darker tones in the standard Liz Lisa floral pattern.

In slight shock over the midi-length skirt. If Liz Lisa are breaking out of either super short or super long lengths then it must be a trend, right?

How many brown dresses can you count? Japan is looking particularly fine in tartan there, and this map gives details of limited edition items throughout Japan.

I’ll forgive Liz Lisa for the French beret in lieu of it being so cute. Damn. Lacy ankle socks and an argyle print too.

I love how princess-like the look is! Hair piled high and sweet make-up; nothing too harsh for Liz Lisa girls. Also, this dress really reminds me of some monstrosity of a party dress I was forced to wear in the late-1980s.

I think I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Liz Lisa is such a fantastic brand for lolita fashion lovers wishing to expand their wardrobes. There’s so much here that would look fabulous paired with lolita items; the accessories, the ankle boots & mary-janes, the above tartan cape jacket…

Shoes! Shoes! Even though I’m almost the polar opposite of a lovely Liz Lisa girl in reality, I have a bit of weakness for LL shoes. There, I’ve confessed!

A more adult look; fur coat, pussy-bow blouse, great fishtail braid and plenty of leg!

To see more from Liz Lisa, take a look at the homepage here, and the newly-opened dedicated webshop here.



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8 Responses to Liz Lisa – Royal Lady Neo Retro British

  1. Laura says:

    YES THE SHOES! They’re so lovely :3
    & I particularly like Mizukitty’s coord with the red beret.
    Not a fan of midi-skirts though. On anyone.

  2. Laura says:

    *Oh, and good to know someone else sees the loli-potential in this brand too! :3

  3. brad-t says:

    Great collection but that fake fur coat is pretty nasty looking.

    Disappointed by the lack of corgis in this photoshoot.

  4. Rebecca says:

    @ Laura – Great to hear from you again!

    Ah, it’s all so cute, isn’t? I’m not sure about midi-skirts yet – might try pinning up a maxi dress and see how it goes 😉

    I’m glad you agree with me that this is another (more mainstream) brand that fans of lolita fashion would enjoy! I think it’s perfect for complimenting a lolita wardrobe, especially this season with all the classic influences.

  5. Rebecca says:

    @ Brad – My strongest memories are of running free with the wild corgis that roam English streets. Ahem 😉

  6. Leanne says:

    Hehe, I was just thinking, “my, though I don’t much like brown, I LOVE those thigh high boots”, when in the next paragraph you declared your love for LL footwear. Too funny 🙂

  7. Leanne says:

    Oh, and I grew up with a corgi…she used to mind my pram when my mum went into a shop. We have them in Australia too! (Corgis, obvs, mums are everywhere).

  8. Rebecca says:

    @ Leanne – Ha, I do have a weakness for good boots! Aw, your corgi story was SO CUTE 🙂

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