With a collection title that reads like bad SEO tagging and more pastel colours, frills and lace than you can shake a stick at, it can only mean one thing: Liz Lisa’s 2012 spring collection is here!

Eagle-eyed Tokyo based readers will have probably noticed select pieces popping up in stores already, but today I’m happy to be able to showcase the full collection in both catalogue and look-book form. (If anyone can shed light on what on earth ‘pasterine’ is when it’s at home, please do tell!) Although Liz Lisa is probably about as far away from my personal style as a bin bag (maybe the bin bag is closer – it is black, after all…), that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the visuals and wanting to talk about it. After all, I’m not exactly in their target market, but you can be sure that this is what the vast majority of fashionable mainstream girls between the ages of about 15 to 21 will be wearing this spring.

Will ‘classical ethnic’ be replacing ‘reto girly’ as my most over-used phrase of the season?

Pink, blue and white are fairly standard colour choices from Liz Lisa – they day they stop producing floaty white dresses is the day the world crumbles. However, what I find interesting are the two new colours below:

Okay, the orange is a little more like peach, but this and mint green are two new colours from Liz Lisa that they’ve chosen to highlight this spring. I think the mint green is almost a risk here – we’ve seen peach, beige and cream before – but it does seem to be this spring’s new hue. I popped around the basement of the Lumine department store in Shinjuku just before sitting down to write this back at Telephone Towers, and mint green was in at least four or five of the small shops, with lilac coming as a close second for new spring shades – the easiest way to update your wardrobe for 2012 is to add one of these two colours.

In terms of actual clothing on offer, Liz Lisa have kept to their comfort zone which is of course in their favour – Liz Lisa fans want Liz Lisa-esque clothes. There’s a selection of printed dresses, with the majority being above the knee. There’s a couple of maxi and calf-length onepieces, in the minority this time, and with a slight ethnic twist thanks to layering and large lace. As expected, there’s plenty of florals and the prints have a rather retro feel, with fringed peep-toe wedges added to the standard Liz Lisa ankle boots with bows (side note: for the devotee on a budget, outlet shoe stores often have a range of Liz Lisa footwear at very reasonable prices…). My favourites from this spring collection have to be the peach balloon/pumpkin shorts with suspenders, the pale blue romper with sailor collar and long dress with sheer asymmetric skirt.

The carousel theme is darling – let’s run away and eat lots of candy-floss…

And finally, some new products for spring, just in case you feel the urge to Liz Lisa-ify your life a little more:

What do you think of Liz Lisa’s trends for this spring? Is classical ethnic the next big thing, or is it best left on the shelves?

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