London’s Bethnal Green might not be the natural habitat for a fan of lolita fashion, but last Saturday it was frills a-go-go as Lolita in Wonderland put on their second event; Through the Looking Glass.

From classic to gothic, via dandy and sweet, there was a fan of every lolita fashion sub-style in attendance – a fair representation of the burgeoning lolita fashion scene in the UK. I remember (cue wavy lines and twinkly music) way back in the day when there were at most fifty people in the country who were interested and the huge London meet-ups were the talk of the town. Oh, how we coveted brand and anything remotely ‘loliable’! Dark days, readers, dark days. Now of course, it’s a different story – brands such as Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty and Metamorphose ship overseas, and funnily enough ‘old-school’ lolita style is back in fashion. I think what I miss most about the early days of lolita in the UK is the both the sense of discovery, and that everyone and everything was down to earth – grass-roots lolita, if you like – we were all together in the same boat, trying to make it work. If you wanted a headbow, you couldn’t order one or use a sales community; you had to make it yourself. Lolita in Wonderland has a special place in my heart as it’s a lovely celebration of all that makes lolita unique: hand-made items, frilly fashion, and the lolita community itself.

(Excellent cupcakes by Miss Rose Thorn)

Click through for more lolita fashion and some of the sweet treats on offer…

I frequently have to restrain myself from saying “AMAZEBALLS”. Totally justified here.

I wish my tear-drops were diamonds too.

Colour-match perfection!

The real star of the show? By Kris Wlodarski. (Would fit right in at Telephone Towers!)

Just like Little Red Ridinghood. Only with more cute and less disturbing allegories and wolves.

Dream dress time! I wish I looked that great in a bonnet.

Lovely! Even the cup matches the dress!

Eee, pet; you can’t go wrong with a tiny dog. (Another bonnet!)

Now, maybe it’s because I’m battling on through Rose of Versailles at the moment, but I’m getting a proper Oscar & Marie vibe here! Haha, brilliant.

Love this colour combination…

Miwa hard at work on her stunning creations.

Above and below: Miwary

Sweet Lolita Dream World – regretting not picking up a pink leopard print heart…

Stocking Shock – well worth checking out for stunning hand-made clothing.

And finally, some of my favourite items from Prong Jewellery, who also do amazingly saucy gear too!

As always, huge thanks and large round of strong drinks should go to Alex and his intrepid team – without their hard work, none of this would be possible! We love people who actually get on with doing what they love, and this is just a perfect example. Here’s to many more years of the UK’s very own and very vibrant Lolita in Wonderland!

For more for this year’s Lolita in Wonderland, take a look at the group and community.

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