I need more Limi Feu in my life. This is a fact, as sure as the sky is blue and grass is green (I have got that right way around, haven’t I?). Not just because she’s the seed of Saint Yohji Yamamoto, but because she’s also awesomely talented in her own right and probably kicks a huge amount of ass and I’d quite like to be a Feu fangirl one of these days. I promise myself that I’ll be brave enough to pop into her Unlimited Daikanyama store sooner rather than later. I’m just not quite cool enough yet.

This season, her spring summer 2012 show at Paris Fashion Week, was pretty fabulous: models wearing red lipstick and creepers took the runway by storm, waving banners and showing off tattoos and in the case of Charlotte Free, pink hair. But this wasn’t a collection solely focusing on quote-unquote alternative fashion: there were more ‘lady-like’ (for want of a much better word) details, as well as bi-coloured leggings, reappropriated menswear and some stunning knits and sheer fabric too. So, basically an A to Z of Things Rebecca Loves.

The aforementioned banner-waving black & white red lipstick greatness. A touch of fashion/politics, not too horrendous for once!

Uh, would wear. Love the bustier & trousers, and the cut of the jacket/dress on the left is stunning. And another appearance from creepers on the catwalk – a must-have, it seems.

Ah, the (dare I mention it yet again?!) retro styles, with a typically Limi Feu twist on the usual norms of sartorial elegance. I for one would love to see a sailor girl in either outfit.

Red! Red! An impact colour, that’s for sure. Really enjoying the slightly old school half-and-half look too.

Leggings and a large shirt? Limi, how did you know that’s my every-day wear?! Yes, I shall be sprucing up the ol’ wardrobe with these lovely leggings – legs in different colours always seem particularly Japanese to me; I blame Fruits magazine!

The natural successor to Mr. Y.

I have no idea how one would go about constructing one of these amazing knitted creations. Probably magic. Also check out the great blackwork tattoo on the left-hand model!

Two of my favourites. What’s not to love? Power and strength through beauty. Amazing.

A message from the fabulous Feu herself, wearing a Misfits t-shirt. I heartily approve!

For more from Limi Feu, here’s the homepage.

(Images thanks to style.com)

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