Liz Lisa, how do I love thee, let me count the ways… Your comely models? Your pink, brown, & white colour palette? Your sweet feminine style? Your ubiquitous floral patterns? Your slightly overwhelming perfume of roses that nearly destroyed the inside of my nose at October’s fashion week event? Perhaps all of these reasons, and more.

As I mentioned, the last time we featured Liz Lisa here was our review of the spring summer show at Japan Fashion Week – our front-row seats afforded us the perfect view of the 70s style stunning dresses and hats being strutted down the catwalk. Now that the look book for the new season has been released it’s a really great chance to contrast and compare what was shown to what has actually been produced. Although arguably on the more mainstream side of gyaru, Liz Lisa nonetheless stands out from the crowd with it’s strong brand image. While eye-catching agejo MA*RS may favour black and vibrant pink, sweet Liz Lisa is equally recognisable with it’s light pink & brown and white colour scheme that runs throughout, and overlaps slightly with sister brand Tra La La.

Alas, it’s still far too cold to pull out spring and summer clothes just yet, but after looking at the fabulous Liz Lisa catalogue shots I’m dreaming of sunny fields, floppy hats, flower gardens and lacy dresses…

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Yes people, the 1970s have returned!

I do love a wide-legged high-waisted trouser, and the brown check/gingham print is something a little different, while the bell-sleeved floral dress looks the picture of 70s chic with the floppy straw hat.

The puffy/pumpkin polka dot shorts are so cute, and I love the square print at the hem of the dress too – there’s something a little jarring about the effect that I really like, and it almost feels a little lolita?

A simple white dress with added accessories is a great wearable look this summer…

More polka dots! I’m not convinced by the frilly capri pants, but I do love the shoes! The flowers added to accessories like shoes & hats were a real highlight on the catwalk, so it’s great to see them turn up in store too.

The heart handle of the bag! Ah, Liz Lisa! Good to see straw bags back with a blast for another season…

The knee-high boots are stunning… I wonder if they come in black too? (Not. A. Chance.)

The wide-legged floral salopettes are effortlessly sweet, and I do have a thing about sheer blouses so I’ll be looking out for that one too!

Ankle socks & sandals, and what could almost be a Gunne Sax-inspired dress on the far right.

The floral neck-tie is an easy and cute way to catch on to this summer’s flower power…

I am a huge fan of the maxi dress, especially with the floppy hat too! Look out for a black version of this outfit on me soon…

Liz Lisa isn’t really known for pushing the boundaries of experimental fashion, but in their favour they do consistently produce popular wearable collections that many girls across Tokyo find themselves gravitating towards. There’s a sweet 70s feel to much of this season’s looks with wide-leg trousers, large sleeves and floppy hats channeling a feminine upscale boho vibe that gives a slightly more mature edge to the collection than in previous seasons. While more vibrant citrus and pink shades were seen on the catwalk, in my opinion it’s a shame that these striking touches haven’t been produced as yet (I loved the contrast of the soft shades against the orange hues), but then I’m not exactly Liz Lisa’s target market! Nonetheless, this is a collection that I feel will epitomise the look for this summer for many girls – grab those white dresses while you still can!

See more at the Liz Lisa homepage


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7 Responses to Lovely Liz Lisa – Spring Summer 2011

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  2. Lisa says:

    I’m not a huge fan of flowery prints, but those polkadot shorts are to die for! Wiping a bit of drool from my chin as I type here. ^^;

    Just seeing Spring/Summer items ignites some hope in me though (cold and wet in Miyazaki, blargh!) – so even if it’s not all stuff I could see myself wearing, this post has made me very, very happy indeed. ^^

  3. Tori says:

    I’m usually not a Liz Lisa girl, but all of these items are just GORGEOUS ♥ I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it seems like this brand has ‘grown up’ a little this season~ not quite as glaringly cutesy, I’m loving it.

  4. Tokyo Telephone says:

    They’re just so cute, aren’t they? Quite a few brands have been putting out these kind of bloomer-like short this summer – I might have to steer clear, thanks to my “writer’s bum” 😉

    I’m so glad I could cheer you up! England is more than living up to it’s rainy reputation too!


  5. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Oh, for a black version of many of these items! You’d look fab in all of this collection!

    I do agree – I think overall there’s been a shift in gyaru fashion to a more mature & vintage influenced look. Liz Lisa is a great example of a brand changing it’s look slightly, but still keeping it’s own unique style 🙂


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