If a lifetime spent in the world of Japanese fashion has taught my anything it is that firstly, religion is never off-limits and secondly, there are some quirky brand names out there.  So when a brand is named Luciferian Art – True Satanic Jewelry – I barely raise an eyebrow, mostly because I think it is pretty punchy, but also because I know no ill will is intended.  In the case of Japan, religion is mostly a matter of ceremony and culture and rarely divisive in society or politics.  So in short, I know the designer  does not want to offend any practicing satanists, or provoke anyone religious at all for that matter.  The designer took the principles of satanism – striving for perfection, standing by your work and individualism and invested it in producing the best jewelry he could based on satanic art and imagery.

A difficult topic I know, and when that is usually best left out of fashion, but this is deliberately confrontational stuff and whether you want to dismiss it out of hand or see what this guy has to offer – I leave it up to you.

Continue reading for a good look at this particularly cool jewelry, whatever your persuasion as art at least it demands respect.

The designer is a particularly nice guy who I met at this year’s Silver Exhibition in Shibuya – he clearly loves and leads the heavy metal lifestyle and his awesome custom Harley was evidence to his other passion.  Imagery wise he takes his calls from classical art but also heavy metal art – which he manages in a surprisingly tasteful way.

See what I mean?  Surprisingly tasteful, but I don’t know about you, I find this quite controversial albeit in a subtle way.

His work is stunningly bold and it came as no surprise that biker jeweler of Daikanyama – Stop Light was his tutor in the world of silver.  Takeshi, you taught him well.

Stunning hand carving and polishing up close.  As much as I admire those who manage amazing detail through the use of wax molds, lazer-etching, etc, there is something to be said for bringing it right back to basics and producing something visceral – given the subject, this is spot-on.

Now this one is really actually quite clever.  You see, it is a lighting bolt from which ever angle you look at it.  Generally the designer puts these on chains along with a heavier pendent top.

Black opal with gold – very nice indeed.  A definite step above the usual metal jewelry.

Another angle on this one.  It is frustrating that because this is still a very new brand, there are not a huge amount of quality images around at the moment.  The designer is currently acting as a walking advert at the moment as most of the jewelry is his, one-offs and not in production as of yet.  Trust me if you check out his blog you will see some amazing stuff, including some brilliant stud work he learnt under Takeshi of Stop Light and some obscenely large pieces.

Best of all when you buy into a new brand like this you are buying from someone who can guarantee that everything is made by them, by hand and brought direct from the artist himself.

Where the hard-work happens.

For me Luciferian Art has the same magic that Stop Light has and Gabor of the old days did – that biker spirit and uncommercial appreciation of hard work.  Forget the satanism, this is all about producing rebellious individual work that reflects the life of the artist and thankfully this guy is really, really good at it.

And he definitely has a sense of humour…  so it any of his work offends you, so should you.

Check out his fancy new homepage here

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