What happens at 3am? I think we’ve all been there: a few too many drinks, some suitably dodgy take-away food, and then comes that great idea right around 3 o’clock in the morning – I’ll cut my own hair!/cutting one leg off my trousers would look awesome!/shaving my eyebrows has to be more time efficient than plucking! (most of my ‘ideas’ involve scissors) – something that you instantly regret when you wake in a daze at 4pm later that day. Thankfully, those days are (mostly!) behind me, and while I can pretend to be a sensible adult some of the time, it seems that Macaronic’s 3am strokes of genius extend far beyond my own failed attempts at DIY…  Samuel can continue being the attractive/craft-loving half of Tokyo Telephone!

We can all heave a sign of relief that Macaronic’s 3am inspirations are a little more coherent and exciting, while retaining that quirkiness that I’ve come to love so much. This winter catwalk saw models wearing remade items for both males and females (hurrah for a bit of wardrobe swapping!), and there was an almost terrifyingly amazing array of headscarves. I’ve just started venturing into the world of headwear with a lovely knitted headband thing from CA4LA that’s fast become daily wear, and while I think Macaronic’s signature fantastical head accessories are a little beyond me right now, I can always dream of the day when I’ll be annoying everyone on the rush hour train with a hundred intricately tied headscarves. That’ll teach ’em!

All things hat-like aside, the clothing itself was a wonderful riot of colour and patterns that called to mind some of the best and most chaotic vintage shops in Tokyo: Kita-Kore, Kinji, Little Trip to Heaven and more. 90s puffer jackets and plaid shirts, 70s crochet, hideously 80s neon colours, and printed tights that are really fashionable right now… all tied together (literally in some cases) with granny’s silk scarves. It reminded me a little of Comme de Garcons’ recent-ish collection that also used contrasting scarves to great effect, but I felt that Macaronic’s show was more youthful and exuberant, like getting your hands on the best dressing up box ever – well, that’s Tokyo, isn’t it?

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