Luckily for, well everyone, there’s been a whole slew of new shops setting up in Harajuku’s La Foret department store over the early part of this year. From when I’ve seen, most appear to be select shops stocking a few different brands – perhaps this is a sign that one label alone isn’t enough to make a real profit, hence the surge in select shops and umbrella companies. I for one quite like the pop-up shop feel that La Foret have taken in their stride with small exhibitions and sample sales, making for a more dynamic fashion and shopping experience that exemplifies the Japanese fashion spirit.

Fashion economics aside, Macaronic (in La Foret February 19th – April 25th), featuring Anrealage, Blank, Cilisanda, Hiro, Hisui, In Process by Hall Ohara, Juvenile Hall Rollcall, Keisukekanda, Mifune/Kurofune, Tono ad Vlad & Mel – some names you might recognise from previous articles – successfully brings together exciting up-and-coming designers in one place – one of the most visited places in Harajuku! It’s a master-stroke really: a powerhouse of the latest in Japanese fashion. Just leave me in there , I’ll be quite happy to gently touch the beautiful clothes and dream of the different ways I’d work them into my wardrobe. I’m getting all misty-eyed even thinking about it. Maybe the shop staff wouldn’t notice if I hid behind a mannequin and stayed in there…

Read on for some gorgeous styling…

I won’t say too much here, as I think the images speak for themselves! I’m not sure who the stylist is, but whoever they are they deserve high praise. Beautiful.

This is the stuff of Mori dreams.

A couple of interior shots from the blog:

Quick, while it’s still there! (Also: freaky spider baby thing on the table?!)

I’d suggest taking a wee look at the Macaronic Studio site for all the wonder of Macaronic in web-based magazine format. Smashing.


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