If Share One’s Fate have taken the serious Gaboratory inspired gothic aesthetic to its logical conclusion, then Mad Cult have run the other way with a rougher machismo infused version of the biker vision.  So leave all traces of floral and vine work behind and get involved with some skull heavy biker jewelry.

The designer – Shin – has been in the business since 2005, but given the quality of work he is putting out you would think he was a seriously old hand.  His real niche (and what brought him to my attention) is that he does amazing custom bike parts – which you will see more of if you continue reading…

But for now lets kick off with the real acid test of any silver smith – the skull rings:

Nice, very nice indeed.  Heavy handed marks of workmanship left on, nice and hefty and signed with a little spider inside the ring.  Whats the point after all of polishing a ring like this to perfection if you are only going to scratch it to hell in the decades it will sit on your finger?

And another of my favorites, proving that he can do intricate work with the same hand wrought feel.

On to the pendants:

Love the half skull, half crow series.

And check out the detail on the bale here – that is the kind of detail that really matters.

And even a nice punky option if you are so inclined.

Now on to my personal recommendation for this brand – the chain work.  Getting good heavy chains that work from 360 degrees is a tall order, but as you will see, Mad Cult does it damn well.

Really nice timeless work.

And now for something you might not have seen before.  Bike Parts in silver and brass:

Awesome stuff all round and nice to see stuff like this still getting made these days.

I have really enjoyed getting back into the more traditional silver jewelry brands of late.  Sometimes you do get distracted in fashion by what is “now” and that is all very well and good, but it is good to remind yourself of your core aesthetics every now and then, and this, I am proud to say, is mine.

And just to finish with, something that just might tarnish the whole nice grungy atmosphere built up during this article – apparently Mad Cult have collaborated with MoNoLith which you can check out on that latter link if you want to see what they got up to.  Aside from that you can check out the homepage and online shop for more gear to lust after…

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  1. Daren says:

    I just want to say that Mad Cult has created some of the most gloriously awesome silver pieces that I have ever seen! I happen to own one myself, the piece is called “Babel Rebirth”, it’s a 74G skull ring that just reeks of pure badass! The sculpture of the ring itself is impressive in and of itself, but the detailed skull carved into the backside is a work of art all on it’s own. Thanks for reviewing Mad Cult’s designs, they’re definitely a force to be reckoned with!

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