Makin Jan Ma is one designer who I would feel remiss if I neglected of a season, the London based Japanese designer’s character based collections always do well in Candy, Fake Tokyo and his leather jackets remain a wardrobe stable for many a Tokyo gent.  I have gone on at great length in the past about how much I admire his approach of designing his collections as a wardrobe for a singular character, which I think is spot-on for a designer of his size who can afford to embrace a niche clientele entirely sold on his vision.

Today I have his men’s designed for a character called “Guts Olo” and his women’s “Dee Snow” which along with his other female character for S/S 2012 “Alice Wild” (which we have previously covered here) completes Makin Jan Ma’s summer line-up.  I do like the way that he splits his collections by gender and then character to clarify which parts of his output ought to be cohesive, but I think it is a shame that he doesn’t get the same models for each of his characters season on season.  But there you go, that might distract from the clothes and at any rate it would probably be a logistical nightmare.

First up is Makin Jan Ma’s only male character – Guts who seems to be embracing a louche relaxed silhouette, but with hints of hard geometrics which should remind you of his 2010 A/W.

As for Dee Snow, well, the “Caution land mine” and bomb prints probably tell you all you need to know about her character.

It doesn’t stop there, you can actually read up on this fictional characters on the about pages of their respective Tumblr:

Guts Olo and Dee Snow, and also his past character Judy Sky who he might continue to design for in the future.  The concept being that you can follow them, ask them questions and start filling out the blanks in their characters in the process.  Along with the films and scripts that Makin Jan Ma produces to define his characters it all adds up to a really interesting creative process that I  hope will build and get the attention it deserves in time.

In terms of actually buying into the world of Makin Jan Ma there are a dizzying number of international stockists here, and of course an official website here.

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