There’s something wonderfully consistent about glamorous Japanese fashion favourite Mars: pink, black, lace, bows, pearls, high heels are all brand staples that have helped to shape this iconic look. This autumn is no different, the girls are back and it’s time to jump headfirst into Mars’ pink and black wonderland with a few bunny ears thrown in for good measure…

There’s doubt that the ‘retro girly French neo-vintage etc etc etc‘ boom is huge (my top tip for this season: brown shoes/boots) and it kind of feels like you can’t move for blouses and mid-length skirts and, yes, brown shoes right now. However, Mars fans are still there. Mars itself is still there. While it might not be the most popular style around at the moment, Mars are still producing some great stuff. Even though this more over-the-top look does feel (don’t shoot me!) slightly dated, it’s still relevant; just that these girls are now more than ever like perfect rare flowers tottering around Tokyo in knee-high boots, with big hair and even bigger eyelashes.

But what does Mars have planned for this season?

Classic Mars, right? Love the whole outfit on the right – a great way to re-use a 70s hat from summer.

Houndstooth and tartan for winter – very apt. Also really digging the little strings of pearls and bows as an anklet over the boots: considering knocking up a version of this for myself from some old bracelets.

Those shoes! the little bag! The rose over tartan print! (Sidenote: rather natural looking nails here)

Mars wants you! Well, I quite want those pink wedges. Amazing pink fur stole and peep toe shoes too.

Hello bunny! On one hand, I hope this is room wear. On the other hand, I’d love to see troupes of rabbit-eared girls out & about.

I’m a sucker for shiny gold heart-shaped buttons.

Poncho, or cape? I have to say I adore the cape! Heart buttons and lined with the rose/tartan print? Yes please!

Bags, glorious bags.

Oh Mars, promise me you’ll never change…

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2 Responses to MA*RS Autumn Winter 2011 – Bunny Girls and Bat Capes

  1. Laura says:

    I actually love MA*RS for not getting into the mode gyaru trend!

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Laura – Hello!

    I’m so glad someone else loves Mars just as it is! Interestingly, there’s been a few articles about changing gyaru fashion lately; I’ll have to write my own response soon 😉

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