It’s that time again, folks: I go a bit mental over the latest MA*RS collection without actually buying any (I just can’t see myself in the pink trench coat, no matter how much I love it!). As I’ve previously mentioned, Mars has one of the strongest brand images out there and has been around for a whole two decades now – they must be doing something right! On a slightly tangential note, I’d love to get hold of an archive to see what Mars was like back in the day…

This season Mars is bang on trend with some gorgeous floral prints, making it kind of like a sexed-up Liz Lisa. Awesome. As well as this, there’s a new jewel print, and more of what Mars does best: agejo, business casual, and a couple of great nods to predominant fashion trends.

There’s also some fantastic news for curvier Mars fans too…


Read on for a pink assault…

A few pages from the web catalogue:

I can’t even talk about this outfit, as I’m just so tempted to make risqué ‘flower garden’ jokes thanks to the pose. And the dog.

Not a huge fan of the black (!!) in the coordinate on the left, but other than that these two shots are ticking all the right boxes: flirty florals, frilly skirts, giant hair flowers, and eversocute shoes.

Mars being super: classic Chanel-esque (don’t tell Mr Lagerfeld I said that!) suits and check. Love it.

I’m going to come out of closet on this one: I really want the ‘homage’ to YSL t-shirt. Quilted bags & huge sunglasses remain a Mars staple for another season in this great set.

The two new season prints – I think I prefer Jewel, but I’m dribbling over the bright pink flowery shoes! Which would you choose?

Archetypal Mars set-up on the left – an ironic take on geek chic with the shirt & tie combination. It seems even Mars girls have embraced the geek glasses! Mars streetwear on the right – love the skull lace and added braces. I think I need a bit more bronze on my legs before I get into that one, and even then it would be more of a top than a dress considering my height!

Suggested outfits from the website:

Love the hat, and loose shirt & tie.

Another 70s floppy hat! Great heart-shaped straw bag too!

P-peach?! Looks fab with the black and white skirt…

And now for the good news: roughly translated (thank you Samuel!) it means that the ‘deluxe Mars’ section of the webstore now features larger size (2L & 3L) clothing. Note that not everything produced is ‘deluxe’, but a few items are: at the moment are a couple of Jewel print items and one of the lovely Mars suits. It seems to be webstore only for now, so get those shopping services at the ready!


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