Warning: stunning shoes may cause feelings of lust and awe.

Sometimes I love my job more than usual: case in point is getting to share these unbe-frigging-livable shoes by mad footwear genius Masaya Kushino. Let’s just take a second to appreciate the ankle boots above. Platform sole: check. Intricately carved heel: check. Huge plumes of black feathers: check. (Damn, I love Japanese fashion.)

I’ve known of Kushino’s work for a little while now and had been meaning to write this for quite a while, but just the other day we popped into one of our favourite boutiques here in Tokyo and I happened to see some of the shoes from the Chimera series up close and I was so totally bowled over that I had to make this a priority. No – I didn’t try them on; I’m so ridiculously clumsy I’m pretty sure I would have broken several bones just in the excitement of talking my own shoes off, but maybe one day, if I’m feeling very brave, I might chance trotting around the select-shop in a pair… wonder how far I could make it if I chose to run away wearing them?

Of course these amazing creations by Masaya Kushino, despite being comfortingly solidly constructed, are rather unsuitable for every-day wear – I certainly wouldn’t recommend wearing them during rush hour on the train – but nonetheless, sometimes it’s nice just to have a bit of eye-candy, right? I know we’re not all Daphne Guinness types (well, I’m certainly not anyway!) who have both the cash and opportunity to prance (you’d have to prance, have to) in this kind of footwear, but in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with art for art’s sake, and beautiful shoes just for the sake of beautiful shoes.

I’m all for pushing the boundaries between fashion and art, and Kushino certainly accomplishes this, as well as picking and choosing the best bits of historical and modern dress too. I hope you’ve fallen as head-over-heels for Masaya Kushino as I have! (Yes, pun shamelessly intended.)

Those white boots – hubba hubba!

Love both of these. Love. Heart palpitations ahoy!

Styled to perfection – I wouldn’t have liked to be the model jumping though!

And just in case you thought Masaya Kushino was limited to shoes only, check out the fabulous leather skull bags below: you might recognise them from Julius’ catwalk show last year…

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11 Responses to Masaya Kushino’s Sumptuous Shoes

  1. Lisa says:

    I think I just had an aneurysm. Boots. With. Tails. AHHHH <;
    Wel worth the wait I didn't know about! 😀

  2. Sami says:

    I am in love with those skull bags the most hehe

  3. Samuel says:

    Just to add to what Rebecca said, Masaya Kushino also worked on a skull bag for Jury Black – which is currently in the Shibuya flagship and differs from the Julius skull and the design above. Amazing work all round.

  4. Rebecca says:

    @ Lisa – I’m with you on that aneurysm! 😉

  5. Rebecca says:

    @ Sami – They are pretty amazing – also rather expensive too, alas 😉

  6. Rebecca says:

    @ Andrew – Exactly!! 😉

  7. Rebecca says:

    @ Tori – Totally agreed, and even more amazing in real life 🙂

  8. […] conosce già le eccentricità di Masaya, ma chi ha potuto vederle da vicino, o peggio, provarle? Questa blogger di Tokyo sostiene di essere rimasta decisamente sbalordita davanti a una vetrina che le esponeva, ma le è […]

  9. Jennifer says:

    Always been a dream to redesign/jazz up shoes using different materials.
    I love it, it amazing.

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