Masaaki Homma is clearly in the mood to celebrate the fact that his luxury brand Mastermind Japan only has two seasons left before its planned termination next S/S 2013 season which will actually be shown before Tokyo Fashion Week in a celebrity packed runway show this September.  What we can expect to see then is anyone’s guess seeing as this is a brand that has broken records with prices and included real diamonds in their labels, but for the penultimate season, which will go on sale this Saturday the 18th, Mastermind Japan are going for a greatest hits package that hopefully indicates that the final season will be something very original.  This A/W collection  includes a mammoth 1300 items and takes in a full 15 years worth of collections, so much will be familiar to fans of the brand, but even if you aren’t you will certainly recognise many street fashion staples that Mastermind Japan was responsable for popularizing over the years.

The sheer number of trends that Mastermind Japan masterminded is truly astonishing when you think about it, and yes there are not all that many that are necessarily original, but Mastermind Japan have always been the ones to do them to the highest quality, got trendsetters wearing them and from there so many have followed.  You can expect fox-tails worn at the waist, embroidered and Swarovski skulls, right up to their humorous takes on Chanel classics – this collection pretty much takes in all the designs and references we have come to expect from the brand so they are unlikely to be reaching out to anyone new with this, but for those who remember when Mastermind Japan first became the face of luxury street fashion there is a nice nostalgia here and while the look may have almost had its day, I for one will be sad to see it go.

You are probably wondering where Mastermind Japan had the catwalk show for the this collection seeing at they did nothing for Tokyo Fashion Week itself.  As it happens they held it in Shanghai as part of a program to promote Japanese fashion in China – Japan Next.

These two looks are probably the two I associate most strongly with the brand at its best – luxury branding focused, but still nicely cultish.

The waist furs with skulls dyed into them are probably my favorite single item, but I assume the price will be rather scary.

Great to see them revisiting so many classic motifs from the archive – fans will be in heaven.

Well there you have it, only one more collection to go before the end…  I have heard rumors about what they are planning to go out with, and seeing as they have already got a Mastermind Japan car and apartment building you know it is going to be good.

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