I’m fully aware that I say this every time a news post rolls around, but – how on earth has it been a month already?! I can’t believe we’re almost half-way through the year. Well, as they say (whoever they are): time flies when you’re having fun…

(Inokashira park koi fish)

Primal Scream: Samuel & I got have a root around in Primitive London a little while ago, and we ruddy loved it. Huge thanks to Lui & Andrew for being lovely hosts!

Getting Personal: We caught up with the UK’s very own Pink Marble gyaru circle and chatted all things fashion, Japan, and their unique mix of VK and gyaru – don’t miss out!

Runway for Japan: Proving that fashion does actually have a bit of depth from time to time, Bunka Fashion College presented the amazing Runway for Japan, featuring a whole load of fantastic Japanese designers: Etw. VonneguetYasuyuki Ishiifur fur, Gut’s Dynamite Cabarets, Hisui, No,No,Yes!, Mikio Sakabe and Vanquish to name just a few. We love a good cause…

Japan Fashion Week: Spacing out our JFW coverage with even more fun stuff means that sometimes cracking collections can pass you by – never fear; just check the tag!

Through the Looking Glass: We popped along to sample the frilly delights of the Lolita in Wonderland festival – see our gorgeous photos of the event here.

Tracking: Huge thanks to the ever-so-fabulous Susie of stylebubble fame for including a link to our Tokyo Bopper shoes post while writing about her recent trip to Tokyo. Amazing. More huge thanks to Anrealage for including a link to our a/w 2011 collection review on their homepage – get the lowdown on the amazing 8-bit fashion and those pixel heels. Oh, and a shout-out to Japanistic for featuring my Tokyo grunge photos, and Tokyo Bounce for linking to Samuel’s look at Joji Jojima‘s stunning jewellery too! Eee, and I can’t forget the two stunning fashionistas Tori & Wendy who’ve also mentioned us on their fab blogs. (Have I missed anyone? Let me know!)

The Process of Boots: I took a look at In-Process by Hall Ohara’s latest collection, and was inspired to customise some boots – see how the project tuned out!

On the Telephone: Samuel and I took a trip to the seaside. One of us was wearing a skirt. No, it wasn’t me! See Samuel in the latest male must-have here – what do you think? Catch up with his latest style posts here.

Ahoy, Almadel: Grimoire’s sister shop opened just a few weeks ago – take a look at this masterpiece of dolly-kei design here, and just what is an almadel anyway?

Links and Sites: We’re always on the look out for interesting and fabulous blogs & sites to add to our phone book – leave us a comment or drop us a line at hello @ tokyotelephone.com if you’d like to be added to our ever-growing list. Content from Tokyo Telephone is also available on flickrlivejournaltumblr and twitter too – if you like what we do, then feel free to spread the word with our shiny new social media links at the bottom of each article; look at them pop up! We’re also featured on Glam UK‘s fashion channel – a great way to see what’s going on on the rest of the network.

Finally, I’d just like to mention that Brighton Fashion Week is here! I can’t wait to go to all the shows (I’ll be covering Ready to Wear), and get the chance to see some amazing designers such as Joy Williams, Andrew Bannister and Tim Rhys-Evans to name just a handful. Brighton Fashion Week runs from 31st May (today!) to the 6th June – look out for a couple of tall people wearing black and say hello to us!

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