Macaronic? Ironic? I don’t know about you, but I think Macaronic designer Takashi Aoki’s debut collection is pretty amazing.

If the name sounds a little familiar, then it’s probably because we talked about Macaronic back at the start of March when they set up shop in Harajuku’s La Foret and wowed us with some amazing styling. This creative approach to unique coordinates has now been set in stone with the first collection from Macaronic; layers and textures and fabrics, a bit of wildness – just what we love about Macaronic!

The central themes for this collection are just as diverse as you’d expect; handmade items, layers without threads, natural material and French¬†onomatopoeia¬†(I’m a huge fan of Japanese onomatopoeia and ideophones!), and a few umbrella motifs chucked in for good measure. Nice one.

I think there’s a lot in common here with Japanese fashion friends Everlasting Sprout, Theatre Products, and even Wagado’s own Osaka styling – the oversize layers, the piled on accessories and mainly neutral palette with pops of colour. However, to my knowledge, Macaronic are the only brand to have produced a headpiece with a stuffed duck wearing a hat. See the photo above…

Jealous of the fur beard. Totally. Also, I’m quite liking the orange eye make-up and long tunic & cardigan.

Yes, menswear too! Gold shoes and patchwork denim.

I really love the t-shirt! I could kind of see this neo-mori boy street wear?

Lashing of black, stunning. And a damn good hat too!

Now that is an amazing suit! Really love this.

I don’t even want to say what the skirt makes me think of. Nope. Digging the socks though!

Amazing! All the layers and ruffles and ties… i think it works so well because it’s all variations on the check/gingham/tartan theme.

If there was one thing this collection was calling out for, it was stuffed toys. Yeah!

I think this one might be my favourite? Crazy hobo ballet dancer?

Those trousers! Monsterific Macaronic.

Nice and dark, yes please.

A little glimpse into the weird and wonderful world of Macaronic. I’m predicting big things, so watch this space!

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