At the time of posting this, we’ll be scooting across Tokyo on the way to our last show of this season’s Fashion Week – I think I’ll need until October to recover from this week!

This Fashion Week was the second ‘proper’ Fashion Week since the postponed week in March last year, and also Mercedes-Benz’ second time sponsoring the events. I think we felt a little more in the swing of things, and also Fashion Week as a whole felt a little more cohesive than previous times – although we still have conflicts between off-schedule shows and total lack of promotion for some events! Many designers chose to focus on themes of nature and struggling against natural forces, and represented this in diverse ways. A friend of mine told me that Japanese people have calmer personalities than other nations as Japan is in a constant battle with nature – well, that’s one explanation for it, and it’s certainly led to some fantastic fashion.

Fashion Week for us is always a high-stress time, but it’s one that we really we love. We get to see our favourite designers put on amazing shows, we see our friends (and make some new ones!), snap some photos, discover new talent and get up close and personal with some truly wonderful clothing at exhibitions. We’re honestly truly grateful to be able to attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo, and it’s not something we take lightly. It’s a real dream come true, and for us it’s about the whole experience – being there and seeing it for ourselves, making connections and surrounding ourselves in an incredibly creative and unique fashion world.

I think I learn something new every time I go to Fashion Week, and of course this time was no exception. I learned that I’m capable of achieving more if I push myself (seven shows in one day with a terrible cold!), it’s really worth wearing flat shoes, a bottle of water will always come in handy, and not to worry about the small things. I’m also really looking forward to being old and having gravitas: there were some incredible older ladies at the catwalk shows and one day I hope to join their ranks…

To finish off with, here’s a few images from the Mercedes-Benz Connection site:

Yuima Nakazato’s Mercedes-Benz-inspired dress.

We’ll be working hard to bring you the best of this season’s fashion, photos, videos and commentary – we’re also working on a special project that should be available soon. In the mean time, keep checking Tokyo Telephone daily…

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