The sun is finally shining again here in Tokyo, and today I’ve got a huge smile on my face because I’m writing about one of my favourite shows from Fashion Week Tokyo: Mercibeaucoup. I have such great memories of this show (I just had to have Samuel check that I had written this article before – Monday morning brain parps!), and it really sticks out in my head. We were running a bit late due to the previous fashion show finishing later than planned, and there’s only so many vertical escalators you can run up without losing the will to live – of course it was worth it it the end to see a parade of birdy models parading down the runway in the shadow of Tokyo Tower. Amazing.

Titled Bird, you can’t accuse designer Eri Utsugi of not fully exploring a theme! I wrote about this show previously for 125 magazine, and had no choice but do describe it as “clucking brilliant”. (I can also assure you that I shall not be holding back on the bird puns, oh no.) At first glance this is a pretty ridiculous collection, but on closer inspection you really get stuck in to the details and can see how this would actually be worn in Real Life (needless to say that the entire audience was dressed head-to-toe in Mercibeaucoup – a cult following if ever there was one). I loved the styling for both men and women: brightly coloured plumes, chicken feet and clouds drawn on faces and fried egg hair-pieces. Winging their way down the catwalk were plenty of earthy tones and layered patterns, bow ties and braces, pompoms, ankle socks and scarves. One of the richest collections I’ve seen in a long time, I’m looking forward to pecking my way through this collection in person later this year…

After the main show, it was announced that it was in fact Utsugi’s birthday that day – a little bird-themed competition followed, and members of the audience (including, but some strange stroke of luck, Samuel!) were called up on stage to win prizes and chat to the designer herself. A fantastically wonderful end to one of the oddest and most charming catwalk shows I’ve been¬†privileged to see – I’m certainly not chicken about expressing my love for Mercibeaucoup!

(images thanks to fashion-press)

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One Response to Mercibeaucoup A/W 2012 Bird – Are you chicken?

  1. I love chickens. I love Mercibeaucoup. What more could you ask for? And I am loving the egg yolk head piece! Hilarious and awesome at the same time. I’m always 100% entertained and interested in their collections. So cool.

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