Migh-T by Kumiko Watari is a bit of a new one for me, but Samuel pointed me in Watari’s direction after seeing that she’ll be part of this season’s London Fashion Week. Osaka born, and a graduate of London’s Central Saint Martins College who are responsible for churning out some pretty fabulous Japanese design talent (oh, to be fly on the wall there!), Migh-T is Kumiko Watari at her cute and quirky best.

As with Tsumori Chisato, there’s a an illustrative quality to much of Watari’s work, and her bold style transfers well to both printed fabrics and knitted items too  – I’m sure you’re in love with the cashmere fox stole jumper, I know I am!

Ah, I love it! It does come with a nice pricetag to match, but this is cashmere after all…

Halloween goes spooky-kawaii! Great combination of snakes and spiders – even though I’m not partial to horrible jiggly-squiggly spiders, I wouldn’t say no to either of these!

Hello, yes I am wearing a huge snake around my shoulders. This really reminds of those snakes that Ikea did/do sell – maybe it’s the bold colours and shapes? So vibrant!

More foxy fabulousness, with a lovely printed silk skirt too.

Spiders and hearts and wow! I would like to swan around in this in a pop-art mansion, like a kid’s TV dream house nightmare. Or something.

Look at all the things this web has caught! This would look wicked styled with a huge belt and maybe a stripy jacket… Restrain me before I get carried away!

One of my favourite pieces from this collection. ‘Nuff said.

I love how clever this print is! I’ve seen a few that are similar, but this really is the best; snails that look like buttons, heart-shaped radishes and skulls buried in the ground. Fantastic!

Gorgeous! The gold silk really brings out the print beautifully.

The return of the snake!

A few picks from the Migh-T webshop:

It’s all in the detail for me: stamp edging, airmail collar piping, and um, a huge koala!

More koalas and letters…

A donut-like cape? Yes indeed. (It’s made me really hungry!)

And finally, some pretty fantastic socks – I think I’d go for black on lilac, but what about you?

You can’t help but smile when you see something from Migh-T by Kumiko Watari! To see more, visit her homepage here, and blog here.

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