I tend to run right past Milkfed in Harajuku’s La Foret- I’m usually very easily distracted by anything sparkly, studded and/or black – but that just means I end up missing out on the unpretentiously natural fashion that Milkfed does so well. I must make a new year’s resolution not to ignore shops that have no black clothes!

Getting out of my fashion comfort zone is something I’ve been working on, and Tokyo is of course the best place to experience everything new, exciting and previously unconsidered. I think it’s often too easy to get caught up in the wonders of subcultural fashion, and that results in a slightly skewed view of what’s actually around; I know Samuel is working on an article about mainstream Japanese fashion, and I’m really looking forward to reading it!

Read on for beautifully understated style, with charming vintage influences…

Fresh and natural are two adjectives that come to mind… for some reason I’m reminded of the sisters in The Virgin Suicides?

See? One of my favourite books ever; it’s just wonderful

Back to Milkfed:

I love sailor/baseball jacket! Nautical is in fashion every spring, so there’s ample chance to get the most out of this piece

The red boots give the otherwise girly outfit some edge; these are clothes you can really have fun in!

Sweet aesthetic inspiration from Milkfed –  I must update with some recent photos of Telephone Towers!

Coordinates & items:

Baseball jacket + salopettes

Jumpsuit + parka

Floral suit jacket + matching shorts

I’m not normally one for matching clothes, but I actually really love this outfit! Perfect for a mori girl in an office?

Milkfed shop staff looking very lovely in the pastel colours that Milkfed do so well – stylistically somewhat similar to Spank! and their sweet 80s look

Deco nails – kawaii!

Milkfed girls just want to have fun – me too, please!

For more from Milkfed, see the homepage and blog


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7 Responses to Milkfed; like a lamb. Or a goat.

  1. Random! I was just inuring about this brand today… saw a bag and was like ‘that’s cute… what’s milk fed?’ and bam. You answer my prayers. Hmmm, may have to check out a little bit more of this because the lack of black could do wonders for me.

    Virgin Suicides 🙂 One of my favs too!

    Lol. Goat. ♥

  2. Tori says:

    Thank you for sharing this lookbook! ♥ I always thought of Milkfed as kind of a fairy-kei brand because of the colours & such, but there are some really wearable pieces here. That marine baseball jacket is ♥!

  3. Tokyo Telephone says:

    It’s all about goats from now on.

    How funny, I love coincidences like that!
    I think it’s perfect for spring, right?

    I might have to re-read & re-watch Virgin Suicides all over again! 😉

  4. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Mmm, I know what you mean! I tend to just kind of skip that bit of La Foret as I don’t find some of the brands as visually exciting as others, but I’m really missing out!

    Although I don’t think I could ever describe my style as remotely preppy… I really love the baseball jacket! Sigh.


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  6. Angie says:

    He he It’s funny you mentioned how the clothes in “The Virigin Suicides” look similiar to clothes from milkfed. Sofia Coppola is the creator of milkfed and “The Virgin Suicides” was her directorial debut!

  7. Rebecca says:

    @ Angie – No way, that’s so funny! Maybe I heard it once and subconsciousness filed it away? Wow. 😉

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