Miraville is a fairly new brand that’s under the Mark Styler fashion umbrella (look out for a few more articles on new brands soon..), and seems to be targeted at a slightly more mature crowd to my eye. Of course, this could be partly because certain sections within gyaru fashion have been moving towards an older look for a wee while now, but nonetheless I’d be very surprised to see Miraville come out with neon leggings and baseball caps.

The two main trends that will be taking over Japanese fashion this summer are 1970s luxury boho, and sweet retro/girly vintage/some combination of similar words. Miraville have pitched up somewhere in betwee the two camps with their season theme being ‘70s French casual‘ – it seems that like the rest of Japan, Miraville is looking to Paris for inspiration. It’s here I’d like to briefly mention the Paris Syndrome phenomenon that particularly affects Japanese visitors to Paris – the gulf between the romance of the idea of Paris and reality is alas too great a strain for some to take (I can’t help but wonder of many tourists seeing Tokyo for the first time feel like this? I find it more 1980s middle class than Blade Runner, but ho hum)…

Back to the matter at hand: Miraville!

Darvish Saeko is on the Tokyo Telephone, hoho!

Floppy hat & peasant blouse – I picked up a similar black one the other day, still looking for a black floppy hat though…

Ooh la la! Silk & lace!

Looking rather onee-gyaru-meets-CanCam? Not a huge fan of the skirt, but there’s a trench coat out there somewhere that’s missing the bottom half! Digging the large pearl earrings and lace peter pan collar on the other hand.

Gorgeous and romantic like a 70’s bombshell – what I feel sure Miraville will become known for.

This combination of polka dot all-in-one and trench coat picked from the webstore is a key look for Miraville.

A few accessories from the webstore: Hermes-like patterned silk scarf, oversize girly ring, polka dot vintage earrings and probably the nicest backpack I’ve seen for a while – you could even get your baguette in there! Oui oui

A few images here from the face of Miraville Darvish Saeko‘s blog:

Mon Dieu! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Miraville in the future. Oh, and sorry for my rubbish French, a C at GCSE isn’t so great a decade later…

See more at the Miraville homepage

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