There are tons of Netsuke around whether you are at Flea Markets in Japan or anywhere else for that matter.  Whether they are ultra cheap Chinese copies or high-end Japanese antiques it seems a shame to buy something of such great beauty and just pop the little thing on a shelf somewhere.  So I was coming up with some good uses for them.

Firstly for a really cheap Netsuke, how about using it as a cell phone strap?  All you need is a phone strap (which you can get anywhere) or Tokyu Hands for a nice one, a little Netsuke (probably a wooden one given you will be banging it about) and you can just attach it seeing as the Netsuke already has the holes in it, plus it does not really matter how it hangs.

The other idea I had which is a bit more tricky would be to use one as a pendant.  The advantage of this is that you could use a good quality ivory (or similar) antique Netsuke seeing as it is not going to be beaten around too much.  But the problem is that the holes in the back of it would have to let the Netsuke hang as to best show off the design.  Otherwise you are going to have to make a bale of sorts, which is getting to be a bit of a hassle but probably worth it for the right Netsuke.  But if the holes were in the right place you just just pass a fine chain through it or put it on a leather cord and just like that you have an amazing unique piece of jewelery.

I will let you know how I get on with my necklace project, but imagine how cool this Netsuke would look as a pendant!


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