When you think of Japanese street fashion, do you think of colour? After the overwhelming international success of the Fruits books by Shoichi Aoki, Harajuku-based Japanese youth fashion came almost to be defined by it’s rather eye-water use of colour and pattern.  But as we all know, fashion doesn’t stand still for very long, so let the new generation of Harajuku street fashion brands step forwards: hello, Monomania.

In my last article on Monomania (owned by Human Forum – Spinns’ parent company), I mentioned their incredibly strong brand image, and this season is no different: plenty of black & white, polka dots & patterns, and even a splash of red tartan too! As someone who wears black every single day, I can fully appreciate the appeal of a monotone wardrobe, and Monomania do what they do best by mixing it up with stripes, stars and even a lovely large dribble – you’ll see what I mean…

Read on for an exercise in black and white…

This season’s key trends in more mainstream Japanese fashion are girly vintage and 70s boho chic, so it’s nice to see a nod towards that with the full skirt and timeless blazer of the main image – but below you can see that Monomania is happiest following it’s own style!

Classic Monomania. ‘Nuff said.

I love this jacket! There’s something kind of nineties about it, like a kids’ TV presenter explaining maths questions. Geek glasses are a must with this one!

Fantastic male street-wear look – folds of fabric and drawstrings give an edge to these shorts.

Stars and stripes!

Ah, the aforementioned tartan – with a dash of leopard in there for good measure, I’ve seen this mix of prints popping on a few catwalks…

The masculine version looks equally fab – digging the American Indian headband too!

An outfit that could have come straight from Comme des Garcons – check out the silhouette! Nice to see that the original pioneers of ground-breaking Japanese fashion are an influence even on a brand like Monomania.

Yeah, let’s have an easy way to identify those indie kids… the over-size shirt is actually fairly sheer with the black dribble printed on it; I may have to grab one for myself!

A few looks now from the La Foret shop staff blog:

Double glasses & double mini-buns.

Note the cassette tape necklace and t-shirt (really must get one!).

Oh, accessories make the outfit complete!

Really cute hair, and lovely origami necklace from 202Factory.

The jacket looks even better on. Semi-shaved head optional?

And to finish with: 202Factory stud ring that I’m currently lusting after, and at less than JPY4000 it can’t break the bank but it can give a good poke.


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3 Responses to Mono Monomania Mania

  1. Laura says:

    Awesome! Monomania is one of my favorite Japanese brands! ^^~ the “INDIE” t-shirt’s dripping at the bottom is clever 0-0 i thought it was another shirt under! HAHA

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Thanks for your comment Laura! Such a great blog too! 🙂

    I’m seriously regretting not getting the dripping t-shirt, and now I can’t find it! Woe.


  3. Laura says:

    no problem, and thank you ^^”
    why don’t you order the dripping t-shirt from the online store?
    it’s available here – http://monomania.shop-pro.jp/?pid=26918069 😀

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