Mmm… Monomania!

Modern! Monotone! Mixed-up! My kinda style!

Well, Monomania; what can I say? Of course I’m drawn to the limited colour palette (I love wearing black, and I’ve developed a thing for white shoes), but Monomania succeed in making their black & white combinations seem fresh. Their clothing does bring to mind the best of the 1980s – Strawberry Switchblade, anyone? – but with that Tokyo street fashion twist that you just have to love!

Many of their items seem to be styled for both males & females – I really like seeing an oversized t-shirt paired with jeans turn up again tucked in to a frilly skirt in the next shot! Monomania prove that there can be freedom of style using a simple two-colour palette; I know I’ve been inspired – perhaps I’ll pop on a pair of polka-dot socks next time I’m dashing to the supermarket!

Find Monomania: 1st basement floor, La Foret, Harajuku, Tokyo


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